Rampage Japanese Poster Art By Kouji Tajima

Posted By yonghow on April 5th, 2018

Rampage Japanese Poster Art By Kouji Tajima

My friend Kouji Tajima, a concept artist currently based at DNEG Vancouver illustrated this official Japanese edition poster for the upcoming monster film Rampage, based on the 1980s video game –

Rampage Japanese Poster Art By Kouji Tajima

The star of the film Dwayne Johnson was quick to share the poster on his twitter feed, crediting Kouji’s name and calling him “the legendary artist” –

The twitter account of the late Japanese painter Ohrai Noriyoshi ( renowned for his Starwars and Godzilla art work – check out his art book here ) also mentioned Kouji, noting the artistic homage that he paid to Ohrai Noriyoshi’s work. Tajima-san replied to the tweet, saying that he did indeed painted the poster with Ohrai’s style in mind –

Films that star The Rock are usually fun shows to watch and the giant Kaijus in Rampage are an added bonus. I’ll likely be catching this one in the cinemas.


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