Katsuya Terada – Rakuda Ga Warau Graphic Novel Book Review

Posted By yonghow on September 30th, 2010

Warning : The following post contains adult content.

“Rakuda Ga Warau” is a graphic novel by famed Japanese illustrator/comic artist Katsuya Terada, which gave us such extraordinary art books such as Monkey King, Zenbu and VIVA IL CICLISSIMO! .

“Rakuda Ga Warau” entails the misdemeanors of a trigger happy Yakuza ( A Japanese mafia of sorts ) named Rakuda, and as you would come to expect from Terada’s work violence, nudity and bondage are recurring themes.

The contents of the comic are primarily in black and white, but a few select pages are graced by Terada’s gorgeous, full colored illustrations. ( see below )

There are also 2 pull-out ( doublesided ) posters, Covergirls style.

Katsuya Terada’s “Rakuda Ga Warau” graphic novel details :

– Dimensions – 11.6 x 8.4 x 0.6 inches
– Softcover, 96 pages
– Black and white with select color prints
– Comes with 2 foldout, double-sided posters ( 4 illustrations in total )

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9 Responses to “Katsuya Terada – Rakuda Ga Warau Graphic Novel Book Review”


Not my cup of tea, but that’s a very unique style of illustration. Very brutal and explicit yet it still retains this “humorous” and “comical” quality.


Hina – I think that’s a really sharp observation. Indeed, the nudity and brutality probably isn’t everyone’s cuppa tea.


Brutal… still funny in some parts, really amazing and interesting.


I really like Terada’s artwork although his subject matter is something else. I have his awesome sketchbook, but I flip through the images I’m not too keen on. Let me ask you, because I’m wondering if I should buy it: is the kinky imagery pervasive in the book, or is it relegated to a few pages of the book?


I love when he draws the panels with a loose hand. The visual narrative flows very natural in his comic and each page creates a “whole”, which someone could definitely admire for a long time by it’s own. I tend to enjoy his comic pages much more than those poster girls illustrations, for an example.


Vegastar – The adult stuff comes and goes, its just part of his landscape, though I still recommend it because of the great art. Nice work, btw !

sommer – I think you’ll like the book Rakugaking alot then – I’ll have a review of that on the horizon. :]


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