Monkey King 2 – Katsuya Terada Graphic Novel Book Review

Posted By blauereiter der on August 29th, 2010

It’s been a pretty long wait – Some 12 years after the release of his first “Monkey King” manga, Japanese illustrator/manga artist Katsuya Terada is finally back with volume 2.

“Monkey King” (Saiyukiden Daienou) is a loose retelling of the Chinese classic novel “Journey to the West”, where Sun Wukong the Monkey Deity protects the monk Tripitaka as he makes his way to India in search of enlightenment. The journey is perilous, fraught with danger on every turn as powerful demons seek to capture Tripitaka, for his flesh, once consumed, grants immortality.

Here in Terada’s hands we have epic battles between the Monkey King and the demons decked out in lush and beautiful illustrations, complete with ripping muscles and grotesque creatures. Bondage is also a recurring theme in the pictures, something we’ve come to expect from Terada’s artwork. ( I’ve taken the liberty of censoring some pictures so the post remains largely PG. )

Every page and panel is an impressive work of art, though I do wish the publishers had released book in a slightly bigger format so that we can enjoy the intricate details even more. For folks who who can’t get enough of Terada’s artwork, I highly recommend “Zenbu”, “Rakugaking” and “VIVA IL CICLISSIMO!”.

(ab0ve) Cover for volume 1, you can get a copy of it here. I’ll try to post a review of the book later on.

You can get a copy of volume II here.

And I’ll love to hear your comments on the book/Terada’s artwork.


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Tobias Lind

Just curious on if you have read “The Ape” by Milo Manara and Silverio Pisu as well?

j. smalls

This is so so cool! I couldn’t think of a better word. This is one of the main reason I continue to check your blog, you always tend to put out the best art and information about people I wouldn’t normally hear about.


Very impressive artwork. The game ENSLAVED: ODYSSEY TO THE WEST is also based off of Journey to the West, although with a sci-fi twist (robots instead of demons etc.). It’s made by the visionary art masters at NINJA THEORY (creators of the art opus HEAVENLY SWORD…


Wow, that’s a very good book. I am impressed by the art. And the quality looks tight. Good post man. I will be looking forward for that. Very original.


Tobias Lind – I’ve not, but now you’ve piqued my interest, I’m going to check that out. :]

j.smalls – Thank you ! I’m happy to share great artwork as such with like-minded folks like you guys. More coming up !

FAUNA – Haven’t of Enslaved, but I’m going to go check it out now ! Thanks for the heads up !

Fabrice – Cheers, glad you liked it !


Oh wow. I was just looking up info about the first one to post on a forum and I find this saying the second volume is out in Japan. I have the first one’s English edition. I wonder when or even if this one will be out from Dark Horse.


[Katsuya Terada] The Monkey King es una obra maestra y no he podido continuar ya que me quede en el primer tomo T_T

Betânia Miranda

Parabéns…muito legal o seu trabalho!

Norvin Dumalagan

it looks like dota wars..but it is really great.the colors and details are amazing.


I am really into the graphics some of those would make some really cool tattoos. I am meanly into girly tattoos but these are just awesome


FINALLY! I’ve been waiting for word on the second volume of this. I had pretty much given up on it ever seeing the light of day. Now comes the task of waiting for someone to publish it in the states.


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