Justice – Alex Ross Graphic Novel Book Review

Posted By blauereiter der on August 9th, 2011

Alex Ross’s superlative graphic novel “Justice” pits Lex Luthor/Braniac’s Legion of Doom (shown above) against the Justice League of America (below) in an extravagant and spectacle filled volume spanning a generous 384 pages. I’ll let the gorgeous art work speak for itself :

A definite bang for your buck. This volume collects Justice no. 1 to 12 housed in a sturdy hardcover.

“Justice – Alex Ross” graphic novel details :

Dimensions – 10.3 x 7.1 x 1 inches
Hard cover with dust jacket, 384 pages
Full color, English

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4 Responses to “Justice – Alex Ross Graphic Novel Book Review”


i ordered my copy thanks for sharing :)))


Alex Ross really is an incredible painter and has done some incredible works, i can just never get behind his comics all the way. i love the cover work he does, but seeing his paintings in graphic layout looks wrong to me. his pages are too busy, and it’s hard for me to follow the action.

the most important thing for me in graphic storytelling is the layout of the page. there are some extraordinary artists out there who just know nothing about laying out a page and letting your eye properly follow the action; that’s why you get arrows pointing to which panel to read next sometimes. if i don’t know where to look next, i feel like the artist is not doing their job right.


onurg – Glad you like it !! Thanks !

Zack – Yes I understand what you mean when you say his pages are too “busy”. I had trouble following on some pages too, I think its also because of the wide gamut of colors on each page fighting for your attention.

I think it’d be very interesting if a publisher could release a book interviewing various prominent comic artists with exceptional layout designs and how they came up with their own unique solutions. Definitely a handy guide for the aspiring comic artist.


Those gutters look to be eating a lot of the art. Looks like I’m gonna save up for the Absolute.

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