Hellboy In Hell

Posted By yonghow on February 17th, 2013

Hellboy’s back ! Mike Mignola is drawing this installment, which is a big deal, really. I can’t tell you how much I love his style of drawing.

Here are the covers from 1-4 for your enjoyment – but make a beeline for your nearest comic store to grab them all if you haven’t already.

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icepick method

I stopped reading hellboy when Mignola stopped drawing it. It just wasn’t the same. Still kind of sad some of the most climactic pivotal stuff in the series wasn’t drawn by its creator.


Mignola is drawing this story. i generally agree, though Duncan Fegredo did a great (albeit different) job, and the Richard Corben stories are awesome, especially The Crooked Man. also, please no spoilers, i have the first three but haven’t read them yet. i got a little behind on my Hellboy, but have been picking up these issues for when i get caught up.


I wish that Fegredo always does the art and Mignola just the script. Mignola is becoming more and more lazy and boring in his drawings.


Mignola is incredible with his layout and design. Fegredo maybe flashier with his drawings, but few people in comics can compete with what Mignola does. he continues to simplify his style, but like Ozu or Picasso, this further suits his technique; it’s almost as if he is studying how he can make a scene with as few lines as possible.


Kunifusa/Zack – I was having the exact same conversation with a friend on Twitter about this, when he asked if I prefer Mignola’s more detailed work when he first started out as compared to his simplified style these days.

I think as his style evolved he choose to give up details so as to allow all the elements in each frame to integrate into a cohesive, harmonized image.

Of course, some fans will like this, others not. Duncan Fegredo’s an amazing artist as well, but I still like Mignola’s work more. To me, his images just flow better.

evangelion newbie

I’ve been following and keeping up with Hellboy regardless of whether he draws it or not! Likewise for his BPRD series. I trust that Mignola knows what he’s doing when he picks someone to take over the art duties.

I feel it unfair to compare artists like Fegredo to Mignola honestly. I gave the series a chance and I don’t regret it! Fegredo did a wonderful job on his run. Not only did he maintain a bit of Mignola’s sensibilities to it, he also contributed a style all his own that fit the universe as well. I applaud Fegredo on his run! Same for all the other contributing artists that served some time on the side issues as well!

As for Mignola’s return, I cannot get enough of it! It’s so good to see him back and doing his thing! To see his visual take on ‘Hell’ is awe inspiring! It’s just beautiful!

Regarding too, the personal tastes of people who prefer older Mignola to newer Mignola, I just can’t compare it. I don’t consider Mignola ‘lazy’. His current methods of drawing is one that I feel is developed over time. I absolutely LOVE his old stuff. And I continue to keep going back to it from time to time.

But, I also love his new style. The details are IN the images, beneath those solid blacks. I think he conveys detail and depth through the shadows and light. It’s very ignorant for someone to dismiss it as ‘lazy.’ I absolutely am rendered speechless by his art. It’s breathtaking! It conveys everything that Mignola has set out to do. It fits the material.


well said. my bottom line is that i think Mignola draws his own writing better than anyone else, and seeing that he has done it before makes me want to see him do it all the time.


Many people thinks that Fegredo did an excellent job, and in many aspects he surpassed what Mignola did. Mignola always should be doing the History and Duncan the art.


Duncan does action really well, but Mignola still does the atmospheric and quiet stuff like nobody else can do, and that, admittedly, is what made me fall in love with and still enjoy Hellboy.


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