A Drawing Life : Katsuya Terada Illustrations And Interview

Posted By yonghow on March 9th, 2015

Katsuya Terada Interview PIE Books

On-going since November 2013, A Drawing Life is a series of monthly online interviews with famed manga artist/illustrator/concept artist Katsuya Terada, presented by Japanese publisher PIE Books.

The interviews ( in Japanese only ) are pretty in-depth and covers a wide range of topics including Terada-san’s working methods, discussions of his doodles and sketches, his wishlist for an ideal hardware set-up, experiences of his recent time spent in the U.S and much more. Peppered between the lengthy written interviews are numerous sketches and illustrations, all tasty stuff, some of which I have reproduced below :

Katsuya Terada Interview PIE Books
Katsuya Terada Interview PIE Books
Katsuya Terada Interview PIE Books
Katsuya Terada Interview PIE Books

I wish I had the time to do a full English translation of the interviews ( it’s a fun read ), but I don’t. To read all the interviews, go here.

All images shown on this page courtesy of PIE Books & Katsuya Terada.

I also recommend my Katsuya Terada Art Books – The Big List, a comprehensive list of Terada-san’s published art books.


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Do you know if there is à différence between the international and japanese edition of dragon girls artbook?


Olbert – From what I can understand on the Japanese edition’s Amazon product page, the Japanese edition seems to contain a couple more illustrations and words by Terada-san. I would say the majority of the content is unchanged though.


Many thanks for the great reviews. I have been meaning to get my hands on a Terada artbook, but there are many choices and your reviews of them makes me want to buy them all, alas, I can only get one. So I thought I would ask you if you could recommend just one of Terada’s books, which would that be?

Many thanks again and keep up the good work!


Vikau – Thanks for the kind words. I think a good one to start with would be his Dragon Girl And Monkey King – The Art Of Katsuya Terada, which covers the biggest chronological range of his art work :



I would actually highly recommend his Rakugaking book because it contains literally millions of his works (although they’re primarily sketches) and comes in a well shaped format. Not as heavy and bulky as the Dragon girl book and not as tiny as his 10 year anniversary book. While i enjoyed the dragon girl book, it doesn’t give me as much joy as looking at the sketches available in Rakugaking.

Additionally i wish the 10 year anniversary book could come in a slightly larger format. There are some really fantastic Terada work in there i’d wish to see big. Especially his tokusatsu designs.


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