Dragon Fly Vol 1 – Maeshima Shigeki Graphic Novel Book Review

Posted By yonghow on January 6th, 2009

Set in a quasi-futuristic, apocalyptic universe, an insidious and  powerful organization known as The Church has taken control of the world, dispatching its cloned priests, called “Dragon Fly” to do its evil bidding. Standing in their way however, is a mysterious, sword wielding woman called Sara, known to her enemies as the Shinigami – “The Angel of Death”.

First published as one of the running series in Range Murata’s manga compilation Robot, Maeshima Shigeki’s gorgeously illustrated Dragon Fly, a full colored graphic novel is now available as a complete volume.  ( vol 1 ) consists of five chapters previously published in Robot, with the addition of new artwork, a prologue,  illustration gallery, and two fold out posters.

Its probably hard to follow the story if you can’t read Japanese, but Dragon Fly makes it up with page after page of amazing artwork. Full colored graphic novels are really hard to come by in Japan ( most mangas are usually black and white, with only select chapters in color ), and especially when they are as detailed as Maeshima’s illustrations.

(below) Many of Dragon Fly’s illustrations are high erotic and sexually charged, and there’ a substantial amount of nudity in the book.  I’m a little uncomfortable with posting images with full frontal nudity so you won’t see any here, my apologies. If you are so inclined, you might also want to check out this older post on Yamashita Shunya’s Wild Flowers.

Now we just need to wait for Vol 2. You can get a copy of Dragon Fly here.


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haha, it is actually kind of hard to follow the story even in English, but with the addition of a prologue should help. the artwork definitely is amazing though.


GGear0323 – Ha, I think I’ve been paying more attention to the artwork rather than the conversations.


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