Capcom Design Works Art Book

Posted By yonghow on October 5th, 2010

“Capcom Design Works” is the definitive collection of illustration artwork from the world famous video gamemaker that bought us such endearing titles like Street Fighter, Biohazard, Rockman, Vampire Hunter, Breath of Fire, just to name a few. There’s just so much amazing stuff cramped in here ( more than 230 pages ) that my mind was spinning from visual overload after perusing the book from cover to cover.

With such an impressive list of game artists lined up, including Akiman, Ikeno, Nishimura Kinu, Daichan, CRMK, SHOEI, Edayan, there’s bound to be something in here that’ll please your eye even if you’re not an avid gamer, like myself.

(above) Nishimura Kinu’s illustration of the characters from the game “Moero ! Justice Gakuen”. I really like his her drawing and rendering style. ( below ) Characters from the Street Fighter and King of Fighters universe by artist Shinkiro. There’s a considerable amount of Street Fighter artwork in this book, but check out Capcom’s Street Fighter Artworks book for the definitive collection.

“Capcom Design Works” Art Book details :

– Dimensions – 10.2 x 8.3 x 0.7 inches
– Softcover with jacket , 240 pages
– Full color

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8 Responses to “Capcom Design Works Art Book”


daaaamn! it looks nifty


Isn’t Kinu a woman?

Rafael Pizzo

wow, who’s the artist of the last image? 😮


Beautiful! Such varied and unique styles! Mega Man art is always my favorite since it’s so colorful and imaginative (the Osamu Tezuka inspiration also helps ;)). Just curious, which game the artwork from the 5th photo from? The one with the two people wearing shirts that say R.P.D? And the which game is second photo from (the one where the robots are… racing?)? I don’t think it’s Mega Man…


Yonghow, if you don’t mind, I’ll answer these for you! Capcom’s a huge, huge influence on my art. It’d be pleasure for me to share more info on these great artists.

@Rafael, That’s Tatsuya Yoshikawa! He’s been responsible for the Breath of Fire series and most recently, the gorgeous Devil May Cry 4.

@Hina, The R.P.D. people are drafts for Resident Evil 2 characters. The racing robots are from Tech Romancer, if I’m not mistaken.


The main cover it´s blowing! Capcom characters design is amazing, rival schools, rockman, Street fighter 3 are my favs!

More recently SF 4 sumi-e style is fantastic, also the CG cinematics.

Some favorite Capcom game Mr Yonghow?


@ Weigy

Thank you! Unfortunately I have never played any of those games (I’ve never even heard of Tech Romancer :p), but if the artwork is this good, than I must be missing out on something special!


Weigy – Thanks for answering all the questions, you’re certainly the expert here, and yes, Nishimura Kinu is a “she”. I’ve corrected that information, thanks again !