Utada Hikaru “Kiss & Cry” MTV Freedom version

Posted By yonghow on September 10th, 2007

About 2 months ago, word came that we will be helping out with the production for Utada Hikaru’s MTV for “Kiss & Cry“, her latest single. Although Freedom has always been associated with Utada’s music right from the start ( the opening credits feature her song “This is Love” ), the chance to actually work on one her MTVs naturally got me fairly excited, as I am a big fan. A rough cut of the MTV has already been completed, and I was just dying to see it.

I almost did die from shock when I did. The so called “rough cut” was a grotesquely put together, random collection of footages lifted from the Freedom series, with lip movement from the characters eerily synced to Utada’s vocals. γƒžγ‚Έγ§?!

The production company ( I cannot reveal which ) who edited and put together this deplorable fiasco not only butchered months and months of our hard work, but set a very bad name for Utada’s branding as well. Why couldn’t they ask KamiKaze Douga to work on it instead ?

In the end, my job was to light and re-render several shots which was needed to complete the piece. You can view a segment of it from Utada’s EMI website here. There should also be a full version floating around YouTube, but you’ve been sufficently warned.

Just remember – we didn’t do it !


14 Responses to “Utada Hikaru “Kiss & Cry” MTV Freedom version”


yes, the lip sync was terrible! :


I was not that really impressed with the video it was really different from the other OP video you put up screens for.

tragic comedy


tragic comedy

whoops accidentally sent the comment before finishing..

its…not so good.


:] Looks like most folks feel the same way about that MTV, though I’ve seen some different reaction to it elsewhere on the net. There’s no accounting for tastes I guess.


As I’ve mentioned, the MTV feels like a fan-made MAD move


oh, you lucky guy! i am also a great hikki fan!
your job seems to be so interesting πŸ™‚


:] Yay ! Another hikki fan !


Me Me! Me Hikki fanz too. hahaa…


Real shame about the terrible PV. Reminds me of the music video for The Chemical Brothers’ “Get Yourself High” — except that was really meant to be funny…


strangeknight – Thanks for visiting ! I gotta watch that MTV you’re talking about ! :]


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