Sunrise Emotion Bonenkai 2007 忘年会

Posted By yonghow on January 2nd, 2008

“忘年会”、literally meaning “Forget the year gathering” is a Japanese drinking party held every December, its purpose supposedly to forget the woes and troubles for the past year, but really is just an excuse to get sloshed silly. This year the party was held on the 27th in an Izakaya 居酒屋 ( a hybrid pub/restaurant of sorts) in Kichijoji. Besides Freedom Committee a couple other Sunrise studios’ animators were also present, folks who did Mai Hime and Idolmaster, amongst others. There were probably about 100 animators and CG artists there that night.

After a couple round of drinks and food the lucky draw began, with all prizes sponsored by Bandai Visual. Some of the goodies included anime dvds, figurines and Ipod Touch.

A couple of my colleagues received Steamboy T-shirts and decided it was a good idea to have them autographed by Otomo Katsuhiro, but I guess they got more than they asked for !

And lastly a picture with Mr Otomo katsuhiro himself…I couldn’t resist. Big thanks to my director of photography Yamaura-san for taking the picture !


16 Responses to “Sunrise Emotion Bonenkai 2007 忘年会”


Ohohoh.~!!! Otomo Otomo.~!! T_T


Ohohoho.~! Otomo Otomo.~!!


Whao. Looks like you had a smashing fun time 😀


Looks like you had a smashing fun time 😀

And I guess it’s really incredible sitting next to Katsuhiro Otomo


Ohohohoh.~ Otomo .~!! Outstanding.~!


Man, that looks really great! It must have been a load of fun… I must say you look a bit stoned in that pic with Otomo though 😛




wow…you are lucky! happy new year to you!


Awesome! Looks like it was a pretty fun bonenkai. 😉

tragic comedy

looks like good fun


Happy New Year folks !

w – Haha, yeah I was pretty sloshed alright, but that’s what the Bonenkai is all about ! :p


WOW up close and personal with Otomo! He looks like a kind uncle!


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