Paprika Boxset + Freedom Gold edition

Posted By yonghow on May 26th, 2007

A few updates before I concuss into bed.

I slogged till 3 in the morning finishing up some shots so I can take sunday off ( yes, take SUNDAY OFF ) and amongst other things, rewatch Paprika, undoubtably one of the better anime films of late. Check out that sumptous box set !

Talking about neat dvds everyone in the studio also recieved a limited collector’s edition of Freedom 1 yesterday, a little consolation for toiling all nighters for the greater good of Freedom Committee. It’s comes with a special gold print cover and is not for sale in stores.

Earlier in the evening Morita-san treated us to a tasty Tonkatsu dinner because the higher powers that be ( namely himself and Matsuo-san, who joined us recently and had worked on Kon Satoshi’s Perfect Blue and Millenium Actress ) made a high level decision that demanded, well, the re-rendering of all completed shots hiterto. Yamaura-san, our DOP and compositing chief, was not pleased. I took the opportunity during dinner to quiz Morita-san about certain rumors that have been circulating heavily in the studio, and though not nearly written in stone just as yet, there will be exciting things coming up after the completion of Freedom 6. Morita-san will be attending the launch of Freedom in the States at ANIME EXPO and might make the announcement then.

And lastly, a friend alerted me about this piece of news in the local papers; click on the image to read the whole article.


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wow wow!


Hey Vong,

I hope you can one day come back and grow the Otaku export industry in Singapore, with or without Govt support.

So, far Singaporean Otakus have made their presence known on the Net as there are quite a number of English based otaku news sites or ‘anime-blogs’ run by Singaporeans.


Oooh that limited book! Incredible!!!!!!

Der Blaue Reiter

Hello Zero, I’m looking forward to the day when I can do some worthwhile contribution for the animation industry in Singapore. :]



Hello j², thank you for the comment. I highly recommend the Paprika boxset !


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