Jamiroquai Cup Noodle / Nissin Light commercial

Posted By yonghow on June 13th, 2010

Folks who have been following my blog for a while will know that I used to work on Sunrise’s Nissin Cup Noodle’s “Freedom Project”, so naturally any new commercials from the noodle maker is sure to pique my personal interest.

The latest commercial sees Nissin pulling in the famous UK Acid funk/electronica group Jamiroquai to plug the brand, and what better music video to use for the advertisement than the legendary “Virtual Insanity” ? ( the original was directed by Jonathan Glazer, who also shot the controversial, yet astounding looking  film “Birth” ).

I’ve included both the original MTV (top) and the Nissin Noodle version below for your enjoyment :

Next up are the Nissin “Light” commercials, touting ostensibly noodles that offer less calorie intake per serving; think a noodle version of Coke Light, if you will. These ones they went unabashedly for the “sex sells” tactic , but hey, I don’t hear you guys complaining.

You folks here eat Nissin Cup Noodles too right ? Light or not, Cup Noodles aren’t too nutritious, so go get some real food, please !


3 Responses to “Jamiroquai Cup Noodle / Nissin Light commercial”


I’m a big fan of Jamiroquai(especially their bassist), this video really made my day! lol


Hahah that completely made my day! Great blog btw!

Ganaesh D.

Cup noodles are fine and all, but in the end, nothing beats a plate of pork rice. Yummeh. 🙂