Freedom Project Blu-ray box

Posted By yonghow on January 10th, 2009

Finally got around to taking some picures of my Freedom Project Blu-ray box. I received my copy from Amazon quite a while back but I’ve been busying watching other blu-rays. ( like Kungfu Panda, for example. )

(above) The front and back covers of the box. ( There are actually two boxes – an inner, thin cardboard box where the cover art is printed on, and an outer translucent plastic box with the Freedom typography. )  The cover design is actually a montage of illustrations used for the previously released dvd cover art, as well as promotional posters ( you can seen a couple here, here and here. ) but it still looks good. Same goes for the individual cover designs of the four cases. (below)

(above) Back cover design of the case. (below ) Design for the blu-ray disc, very similar to the Japanese SD dvd.

(Below) The mini manga “FREEDOM – Just short of heaven’s gate”, drawn by Gundam manga artist Yoshihiro Sono ( who also painted many of Freedom’s dvd cover art and posters ). The manga is in english with Japanese and French translations at the side panels.

Those were the physical contents of the box – four blu-ray discs and the mini manga.

And how do the video and sound quality of the actual animation hold up ? For a more professional review you can find a fairly detailed and in-depth article on;  for me the picture quality was fantastic – way, way better than the standard definition dvd release. Colors are dynamic and vibrant, and the pictures crisp and clean, and I’m only watching it on a 24 inch monitor.

On a side note, they got my name in the end credits right. ( see this older post ) Thank goodness ! I wonder why its all in CAPS though…

Watching Freedom again brings back great memories of my time at Sunrise Emotion, and I miss my ex colleagues quite a bit;  I think I really ought to pay them a visit soon.

Anyone else getting a copy of this ? You can find the Freedom Blu-ray box on Amazon.


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wah even with 25/50gb per disc , you still need so many disc for the show 🙁 . Shouldn’t blu-ray reduce the amount of disc needed to contain the series?


pp – Haha, true, I guess maybe Bandai wanted to make the box feel bigger than it actually is, so that potential buyers will feel its a bang for their buck. Not a bad deal to begin with though.


Ace – its always great to see all that hard work pay off and finally get the copy in your hands! A pleasure i rarely get as some productions/ pilots ive worked on in the past got canned!

Strange how youre SHOUTING on the credits – at least it stands out though!

I really should get round to watching this. Itll probably be a billion years til it gets a UK realease.

How’s life at polygon pictures?

Al T

Got my set last November, it’s great looking set, pricey yes, but I think it’s worth it. The show itself is fantastic, I’m very happy to have this set.


It was expensive but FAR cheaper than it was in Japan…I was in Tokyo the day it was released, and was shocked at how much they were asking – got my copy back in the UK for nearly a third of the price.

Still got Ep7 to watch, so will be looking out for your name in the credits – amazing man, good stuff!


AndyH – Thanks for the compliments ! Tim ( see comment above ) mentioned that he got a copy back in the UK, so you might get lucky. :]

Al T / Tim – Yep, definitely much more affordable than the local Japanese release, the price tag is quite insane. Even the Japanese are complaining, from what I’ve been hearing.


Im planning to buy this boxset next month direct from


Jasrie – Great ! Hope you’ll enjoy watching it. Thanks for the support again. :]


I just found out the normal DVD edition will be out in July! 😀


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