Freedom 5 dvd – Takeru & Ao on earth vehicle

Posted By yonghow on October 3rd, 2007

Cover art for Freedom 5 dvd, due for release on the 26th of October. Ao makes her debut cover together with Takeru on the earth modified vehicle.

Freedom 5 must be the toughest episode I’ve worked on so far, ( well, until Freedom 6’s production starts I guess. ) mostly due to the hurricane shots, which required additional lighting passes and compositing work.

The extra materials on the dvd include 2 Freedom Nissin Cup Noodles television commercials,

No 5 – 別離扁
No 6 – はじめての地球扁

as well as the [ FREEDOM in USA ] featurette, which probably contain footages on director Morita-san’s trip to the states for the release of Freedom’s HD-dvd.

You can watch the trailer for Freedom 5 here.
The dvd cover illustration shown above is also available for download as a wallpaper.

You can also view the entire episode of Freedom 5 on Yahoo’s special Freedom website one week before the dvd release, if you have a Yahoo Japan account.

Check out the previous cover art illustrations for Freedom Previsited, 1, 2, 3 and 4.


14 Responses to “Freedom 5 dvd – Takeru & Ao on earth vehicle”

tragic comedy

she looks…manly.


Hi I just stumbled across your blog by accident and I’m in complete awe of the fact that you work at Sunrise studios?! (They created my beloved Escaflowne). Really feels me with a sense of pride that a Singaporean is actively involved in killer projects like Freedom. (There’s a small twinge of jealousy too. heh heh).

I see that the article in the Straits Times was dated May 2007, man i should read the papers more often.

I took the Art Elective Programme too in school but didn’t stick with it. Got scared by possible job insecurity. That’s the problem with most Singapore youths.


tragic comedy – Haha, yup, she’s supposed to look tough alright.

Kriyn – Thanks for visiting, were you from Victoria School or Chinese High ? I used to skip art lessons for games at the local arcade as a student, so I guess I didn’t make the best use of it either, haha. :]


did you do this drawing or colouring? it looks amazing.


Haha, I wish I was that good. It was done by 2 of our concept artists/illustrators.


Hello, from Hungary! =D I really love the art and I’m glad I stumbled onto your blog! ^__^ Keep up the good work!!! I love FREEDOM PROJECT as much as I love AKIRA! I can’t wait till episode five comes out! ^v^
I..I’m speechless at the moment #n__n#…
Good luck with everything!!!!!!


Hello Lung and thanks for supporting Freedom ! Please come back again ! :]


hi =) I adore Katsuhiros work.
First anime I have seen as little was Akira, and thats the reason why I am anime freak now =) He is my personal hero =D
I saw Freedom project (first three episodes) before summer and it left me speechless. It was just…wonderful.
Cant wait to see 6th episode =) arigatou for updateing info about releases =)

ps greetings from Banzoku – anime manga club in Croatia =)


Hello Naota ! Thanks for visiting my blog and for supporting Freedom ! Do come back again ! :]


Great blog, great character and more Freedom.

Greetings from Romania, you lucky b****t … 😛


toro – Thank you !


WOW! Great job! Where can I found the wallpaper of this poster? It isn’t avaliable at the oficial site anymore =(
Once again, congratulations from Brazil.


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