Animation Nation 2008 Freedom 1-7 Screening

Posted By yonghow on November 9th, 2008

Its already been a week since I was back in Singapore for Freedom’s screening at Animation Nation 2008. After returning to Tokyo it was back to work in less than a day, here’s some pictures from the trip that I haven’t had time to post. (above) Freedom director Morita Shuhei and producer Matsushita Hideo answering questions during the Freedom seminar, held before the actual screening. Note the strategically placed Freedom [Blu-ray] boxset on the table, which goes on sale this week.

(above, Friday 31st Oct, Tokyo) A quick shot of Shinjuku before boarding the airport limousine for Narita. (below) Horikita Mari endorses a new Docomo phone. I was just thinking how unreal it must be seeing your own face plastered on  massive billboards seen by millions of people everyday.

(above) A Spirited Away-ish back alley in Shinjuku with dozens of Yakitori stores. Just as I took this picture I was stopped by two MPD ( Metropolitan Police Department ) officers requesting to search my bag for knives, parangs and switchblades. A precautionary effort, they say, after the Akihabara stabbing. Phew, thank goodness I left all those back at home as I was travelling light that day…

(above, 1st Nov, Singapore) We had lunch at Hotel Rendezvous before heading over to the screening venue at Fusionopolis, which was woefully far. Seated at the furthest end of the table are David Sproxton and Luis Cook from Aardman Animation, which I unfortunately had little chance of talking to as had to leave early to set up the seminar.  Also present were animation director Yamamura Koji ( sitting next to Morita-san), folks from SFS including Dave and Shirley, a few lecturers from NYP and Wei Keong.

(Below) Taking questions from the audience after Freedom’s screening. ( picture courtesy of Stefan, thank you. ) Read  more about the the screening and Q&A session from Tachikomatic Days and A Nutshell Review, and also this older post.

As mentioned earlier in the post Freedom [Blu-ray] box goes on sale this week and can be bought from Amazon, I’ve already confirmed with Freedom’s producer Matsushita-san ( sitted in the middle above ) that the copy available from is exactly the same as the one sold in Japan, but at a much lower price. I’ve already ordered my copy so I post some pictures when it arrives.

And my usual drill of taking pictures of beautiful clouds on the flight back to Tokyo.


5 Responses to “Animation Nation 2008 Freedom 1-7 Screening”

tragic comedy

that’s one awesome sunset!

But how come you have to order a copy of your own production?


Cool shots of the Shinjuku alley and nice obligatory airplane cloud shots (I know the urge). Hope the Freedom boxset will sell well. I’ll look into ordering a copy off of Amazon. I take it there won’t be a Blu-Ray release anytime soon?


tragic comedy – We were given the entire set of standard definition dvds, but the blu-ray box is probably too expensive to hand out to everyone involved in the production. Oh well.

Amigaapple – Thanks ! The upcoming release is indeed in Blu-ray format. Check out the links on the post above to see more details on Amazon.


wait a min. why does state a different runtime?

280min on and 203min on amazon.

i cant say thats exactly the same.


Lss – The time indicated on probably added the runtime of the extras I guess, both items on sale should be identical.