True Detective S2 / Daredevil Title Sequences

Posted By yonghow on July 16th, 2015

True Detective S2 / Daredevil Title Sequences - Elastic

Design studio Elastic delivers two visually arresting opening title sequences for HBO’s True Detective season 2 and Marvel/Netflix’s Daredevil series, check them out below :

The studio has an impressive portfolio of work, including the opening title for season 1 of True Detective, the iconic opening sequence of Game Of Thrones, and many more –

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2 Responses to “True Detective S2 / Daredevil Title Sequences”


Unfortunately, the title sequence has been the best part of Season 2 so far. Hope things pick up before it’s over.

I personally think it’s even better than the titles for season one!

And these guys did the GoT sequence? That’s gotta be on a top ten of all time list…truly an amazing title sequence!


Josh – I really liked the intense fire fight at the end of episode four, and yep, hopefully it gets better !