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Posted By yonghow on March 14th, 2010

Back in 2009 I posted an article titled “10 Upcoming Sci-Fi Films To Look Out For “, and one of the entries listed was a sequel to the groundbreaking sci-fi film Tron. Released an astonishing 28 years ago, Tron was one of the first films to make extensive use of CG animation, and its eye popping visuals in those days was certainly ahead of its time. ( no small thanks to the concept work done by legendary industrial designer Syd Mead. )

There hasn’t been much news on Tron 2 since I wrote that article but just earlier this week a new trailer for the film ( now called Tron Legacy ) was released and what I saw have made me very, very excited – I’ll let the visuals and trailer below do the talking ( stills were captured from the HD trailer. )

Anyone who is a fan of  French illustrator Moebius’s ( Jean Giraud ) might find some of the visuals (ie the costume and helmet design ) strangely familiar, and that’s because he was one of the concept artists on the original Tron film. Its great to see that the designers on Legacy have retained the sleek look of the suits and helmet.

Tron Legacy won’t hit theatres till the end of this year so its still a bit of a wait, but I look forward to the release with great interest.

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Thanks for the entry! Now I really want to see it..


This looks really awesome. Is it true that Daft Punk is doing the soundtrack?


JJ – Not at all ! I can’t wait to see it myself !

Daniel – Oh yes ! Almost too good to be true !

Michelle |

Wow, this actually looks real sweet. I have to admit I’ve never even heard of Tron as I was not even born that time, but I am highly intrigued. The costumes are odd but unique, cool how there are neon light marking.


Your blog had inspired me in a great way Vong!!

For tron Legacy i must say i was shock since the first images in the visual test released some monts ago, by watching this new trailer you cant avoid to compare the old visuals with nowadays visuals… i can´t imagine in terms of technology the work behind the first film.

Also the design is superb in general terms, can´t wait!

(ps. a little late but i also made my top 10 list in my blog, maybe you wanna check it out!) 😛

Tim Maughan

Hey Vong!

Not talked in a while – hope you are good?

Great screen grabs man – I just watched a HDTV rip of the original over the w/e. Not the greatest of quality but still one of my most treasured films.


rulascalaca – I’ll be sure to check out your list of films !

Tim – Hey there Tim, yes its been quite a while, hope things are great on your side ! For me things are great too, albeit a little too busy…but what’s new ? See you around ! :]

Bob Homes

Yeah, that movie was fantastic! Visually, incredibly sleek.