Tojin Kit ( Genius Party Beyond ) – Tatsuyuki Tanaka

Posted By yonghow on August 28th, 2014

Tojin Kit ( Genius Party Beyond ) Tatsuyuki Tanaka

Tojin Kit is one of the animated shorts from Genius Party Beyond, an omnibus animated film produced by renowned Japanese animation company Studio 4°C ( Tekkon Kinkreet ) back in 2007. The director is the exceptionally talented Tatsuyuki Tanaka. Watch the full animated short below :

Tanaka-san’s long list of impressive credits include animation work on Tetsuo’s mutation sequence in Otomo Katsuhiro’s magnum opus Akira, Studio 4°C animated short Onkyo Seimeitai ( Noiseman Sound Insect ), concept work on The Secret Of Blue Water (Nadia), amongst other things. His art book “Cannabis Works” is beyond amazing.

Some of his more recent endeavors include this massively popular flipbook animation called Para Para Manga (shown below), a testament to his unbelievable animation skills.

And his most recent work at the time of writing is character design work on Otomo’s Farewell To Weapons (shown below), one of the four animated shorts from Short Peace.

Farewell To Weapons - Otomo Katsuhiro Manga+Art Book

You can see more of his concept art work on Farewell To Weapons here.

In his free time Tanaka-san also pen articles on animation techniques in the Japanese illustration magazine Kikan S, or draw short comic strips.

Tatsuyuki Tanaka, a tour de force in the Japanese animation industry.

Tip of the hat to ParkaBlogs for the heads up on the vimeo link.

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I didn’t know this animator and I’m yet to watch the more than promising Genius Party.


tanaka is definitely one of my favorite artists, it`s great to see him featured here often. have you heard anything about Time Master? it`s supposed to be his new short film but I don`t know much about it, here is the article on catsuka:


One of my favorites as well. On a unrelated note, I wish Mitsuo Iso will come back with something new.


kamikaze – He is amazing !

luca – I remember reading about this a little while back, but thanks for the reminder ! I’ll have to find out more about it.

martin – He must have been involved in other projects since Denno Coil, I’ve love to see more of his work as well.