The Storm Warriors

Posted By yonghow on December 27th, 2008

More than a decade has passed since The Storm Riders, a then groundbreaking ( For Hong Kong and Asia ) special effects Wuxia film ( adapted from Ma Wing Shing’s hugely popular comic series “FungWan” 風雲 )was released. Come late next year, The Pang brothers ( The Eye, Bangkok Dangerous ) will bring us the sequel – titled The Storm Warriors, with Ekin Cheng and Aaron Kwok reprising their roles as Wind and Cloud as they join forces once again to battle a powerful Japanese warlord bend on conquering China.

After the lukewarm Hollywood remake of Bangkok Dangerous, I’m glad the Pang Brothers have chosen to tackle a project closer to home, it certainly doesn’t hurt that the many visual and special effects laden Storm Warriors can definitely do with some keen direction given their artistic background. ( Oxide Pang started off his career as a film colorist, Danny as an editor. )

Below ( Some stylized renderings of the main characters from the film )

(above) While I have no problems seeing Simon Yam ( PTU, Bullet in the head ) appearing as Lord Godless I’m curious as to why a Japanese actor wasn’t cast, which would have given the character more authenticity and presence. What’s ironical is that Xiong Ba, the villain in the first film, was performed by veteran Japanese actor Sonny Chiba ( Hattori Hanzo in Kill Bill ), when the character was in fact Chinese. Oh well, nitpicking here.

Visit The Storm Warriors official website here.

Anyone psyched to see this  ? Or hated the first one ?

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wow…so pretty illustrations! i hope that movie will be worth to watch. happy holidays! 🙂

Tragic comedy

I liked the animated version actually, despite the total lack of story.


definitely loved the first one. it was a major event then i’d think. cause the comic series had quite a following.

charlene choi! drools….


i love the first one. it was a ground breaking film back then in terms of graphic for the hong kong movie industry.

will definitely look forward to this sequel. but question is why is post production so damn long!? it’s going to be release only in Dec 2009! O_O the filming has already finished few months back.

Glorious Citizen

Yes! It will definitely be one of the must watch movies in 2009. When the first one came out, I remember I was pretty excited though. As I’m the fan of Feng Yun. Let’s hope the 2nd one would be a much better one with more characters in!


alice – Happy new year to you too ! :]

Tragic Comedy – Haven’t seen that one, hopefully soon !

jackson – Darn, this one’s going to take forever to reach Japan.

gordon – It must be the many special effects shot I surmise – hopefully it’d be worth the wait !

Glorious Citizen – Yes I’m pretty excited too !


I wanna watch this!!! Is Ekin Cheng back? Oh this brings back memories