The Avengers Trailer II

Posted By yonghow on March 1st, 2012

Apple Trailers has just released the latest full length trailer for The Avengers, and its rocking ! I like how the editing and music build up the momentum with the team finally taking on a colossal, metal-armored leviathan. Here are some high-res screen grabs :

I think expectations for this film just went up a bit, no ? We are toiling pretty hard to complete this and the hard work is starting to pay off ! :]

Watch the trailer in full HD at Apple trailers.

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Man I want to ask you something, Del Toro is making a movie call Pacific Rim and I hear that ILM is working on it creating the SFX. The designs for Mecha and monsters will be Japanese style or more American style?


Casshern – Hello there, ILM is indeed the primary visual effects company for Pacific Rim, but I am unable to provide further details as this is an ongoing project. I’m sorry !

I can however, quote the official ILM page on Facebook that the film is going to be “epic!”.