Star Trek Into Darkness Character Posters

Posted By yonghow on April 28th, 2013

Paramount kicks off the final round of publicity for Star Trek Into Darkness with some new posters and trailers/clips. Here are some character posters for the main cast, but where’s Chekov and Scotty ?

(below) A short aerial chase sequence that seem to pay tribute to a similar scene in Return Of The Jedi.

(below) The Japanese version of the latest trailer, with some new footage. I’m always inadvertently amused by the narrator (whose dramatic voice has graced countless other Japanese trailers ) and the very trite choice of keywords used over and over again – Love, Sacrifice, Protection, Humanity.

Into Darkness hits theatres in about 2 weeks (1 week for folks in UK) and I can finally see the shots I worked on in glorious IMAX. Can’t wait !

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At 0:14 the chasing ship sounds like a TIE Fighter.
There will probably never be a day where a Hollywood film doesn’t use a Ben Burtt sound.