Satoshi Kon – Editing Space And Time

Posted By yonghow on July 28th, 2014

Kon's Work 1982-2010 - Kon Satoshi Art Book

This excellent video by Tony Zhou breaks down and analyzes the numerous editing techniques used by the late anime director Satoshi Kon, who bought us such amazing films like Paprika, Tokyo Godfathers and Millenium Actress :

Watching the video gave me fresh insight and understanding of Kon Satoshi’s craft, but at the same time also made me sad as I remember he is no longer with us. Kon is without question one of the most brilliant and inventive of anime directors the world has seen, and we are all the poorer without him.

Be sure to check out Kon’s Work, his excellent collection of illustrations curated from the “One Thousand Years Of Memento” Exhibition.

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Bruna de Paula

great video, thanks for sharing!


Thanks for visiting ! :]


Incredible embodiment of work!


Very interesting. The french film “Last year at Marienbad” is likewise very disorienting because most of the cuts are “match cuts”. I had to see that movie for my film theory class, and when it was over, a lot of people sighed in relief…definitely not a movie to watch if you’re not into film editing and theory. At least Kon made movies that were entertaining for the general audience and not just film buffs.


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