Rango is coming.

Posted By yonghow on July 1st, 2010

Today we finally saw the release of the first full length trailer for Gore Verbinski’s upcoming animated feature film “Rango”, with Johnny Depp as the voice behind the capricious, gun-slinging chameleon.

It’s been rather amusing reading the comments left on blogs and websites ( ranging from the downright vitriolic to befuddlement ) after the release of the surrealistic teaser trailer, which gave away absolutely no information about the film. ( trailer included below )

Rango’s distinct visuals ( stylized photorealism ) is a clear departure from the largely archetypical, nondescript look of most animated films of late, a very deliberate move by Gore, and he once again call upon the folks from visual effects house Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) to do their what they best – creating stunning imagery and artwork. This is ILM’s first stab at an animated feature.

Let’s hope Rango will set some new standards for the industry, and raise the bar higher for future CG animated features.


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Wow, I really like the quality of the visuals! I’m not the biggest fan of western animation, but I find myself anticipating the release of this movie. The visuals are, as I just mentioned, amazing. Probably the best I’ve seen in CGi. The quality of the lighting really shows thanks to the desert/western outback setting. The concept also holds promise. It’s like the “Dollars trilogy”, but with a variety of animals instead of Clint Eastwood XD Music was also perfect for the trailer. I loved the part where he enters the bar and all the shady animals menacingly glare at him as well as the sunset scene.

Is this your current project Mr. Yonghow?

Also, nice site! I love the content and the quality of the content!


Are you involved in this? I think that’d be the biggest incentive for me to go see it.


The look and styling of the main character instantly reminds me of Depp’s portrayal of Hunter S Thompson in Fear & Loathing


Daniel – :] Pay close attention to the trailer…you might see something else familiar… :]


What you want to say anything familiar I think is the yellow fish….Is there a fish , i think ,who fly in the desert in Arizona dream , another johnny depp ‘s movie , isn’t it ??
Rango seem incredible and animals are perfect …
So we ‘ll wait until March 2011 .???


Ok …the guy who drive the car where rango crash on the window is Hunter S. Thompson … he has the same clothes like in Fear and Loathing…and there’s so much things you can analyze in this trailer…..it seem really great.


I am curious to see that. We need more fresh and new stuff, tired of remake. Looks funny too.