Rango Blu-ray

Posted By yonghow on August 15th, 2011

After much anticipation, my Rango blu-ray has finally arrived ! (above) Please note that Mr Timms, Rango’s wind-up fish toy does not come with the purchase – I just thought he’ll make the picture look prettier.

What’s really pretty is the video quality of the film on blu-ray, as verified by reviews on blu-ray.com and highdefdigest, amongst many others. You can take a look at some HD screen caps of the film here. ( click on the pictures to enlarge. )

(above) The 2 disc combo set comes with the blu-ray version of the film as well as the SD dvd version. A digital copy is also available on the dvd.

For those who have yet to see the film ( or even if you have ) I highly recommend watching the blu-ray, which gives you the best possible quality and is the next best thing to watching it in the cinema. A lot of nitty gritty detail that we we spent countless hours making pretty is just lost if you watch the SD dvd version.

Extras wise I was very entertained and informed by the 50 minute long making of, which is full of interesting tidbits, even for someone who was fortunate enough to work on the movie. It concentrates mostly on the conceptualization and development of the film’s story and characters and is very light on tech talk. For those who are interested to see more concept art from the film, you should definitely check out the Ballad of Rango art book.

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I loved this movie and the poster as well