Rango – 6 Minute Preview Clip

Posted By yonghow on February 26th, 2011

ILM’s first animated feature film Rango hits U.S theaters come the 4th of March, and a week later here in Singapore on the 10th. Here’s a 6 minute clip from the film to whet your appetite :

( For some reason the video won’t play embedded on my blog; just click on the yellow colored link at the bottom to play in another window. )

There’s been a couple of glowing reviews for the film so far and needless to say all of us folks here at ILM hope you guys will enjoy it…go Rango !

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10 Responses to “Rango – 6 Minute Preview Clip”


That was fantastic! Loved the visuals, designs and dialog! I really loved the variety of animals used. That was really great. The visuals were stunning, especially the way the light shines through spaces in the ceiling. Very well done! Looking forward to watching the whole movie the cinema!


That’s just about the most amazing CG rendering I’ve ever seen. The characters look cartoony and full of expression but physically realistic at the same time. Absolutely beautiful.


Looks great, thanks for the heads up.


Hina/Roy/Aberilunka – Glad you folks like it ! The actual film has a lot more in store, please catch it when it’s out ! :]

A-run Chey

Rango is quite simply pure animated Bliss! Even though this is a short snippet of the film, its shows an extreme amount of potential. I can’t wait to watch it in theaters. I want to commend you and the folks at ILM for such an outside the box approach, with both the story and animation in Rango. These are the kinds of works that really push the envelope for this medium. Kudos!

Charles Santoso

It’s looking fabs, man. Look forward to watching it in the cinema 🙂

All the best!


A-run Chey/Charles – THanks guys ! Can’t wait to see it in the cinema myself !


Hey! I must say it’s been a while since I wanted to catch an American animated feature just from looking at the trailer.

The characterization of the animals resemble old, inked, political cartoons. I’ll definitely go see this when it’s out!


Watched it last night and…..I dunno if it was the dubbed ( I watched in spanish ) that wasnt that good, or the story itsellf already boring in the middle part, or the ‘cliche’ characters, but I didnt like it that much…..

the 3d work was astonishing though

Im gonna give it another try in english when it comes out on bluray.


weigy – I think you’ll like it, at the very least the visuals won’t disappoint. :]

Aberilunka – I’m sorry the film wasn’t to your taste…I hope the english version will do better when you watch it !