Mark Romanek’s Never Let Me Go

Posted By yonghow on March 3rd, 2011


A top candidate for my favourite film of 2011 seem to have arrived early this time.

I’ll love to write more, but for now let the euphoria sweep over me as I drink in this majestic film.

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10 Responses to “Mark Romanek’s Never Let Me Go”


I’ve got this one in my film queue! Have been waiting for the right moment to watch it. I’ve heard only good things.


Roy – I hope you’ll enjoy the film as much as I have when you get to watch it. :]

Just out of curiosity, what other movies are in your queue ?


i really do want to watch this. i’ve been told that it’s very good, i just don’t know if i’m ready to get into it yet.


I like the titular logo treatment, I didn’t know anything about this story but the font choice was oddly medical for a poster that looks so sentimental. I looked up a synopsis and was pleasantly reaffirmed.

I look forward to this film, as indifferent as I am to Andrew Garfield. Thanks for the heads up, Yonghow!


Just watched it last night and loved it. A very thought provoking, quiet and slow film but I was riveted til the end. The mood, colours, imagery were all very depressing but incredibly beautiful at the same time, although I thought that the last shot of the barb wire fence metaphor was a bit too obvious…

What’s in my film queue? Let’s see..

All Good Things
Black Swan
Blue Valentine
No Strings Attached
How do you know?
Love And Other Drugs
127 Hours
A Single Man (2009)
An Education (2009)

I will watch just about anything and most major films I will have already seen..


looking at that list, i was never super super into her, but i’ve decided just to never watch anything with Natalie Portman in it ever again. although she wasn’t terrible in it, and it wasn’t really her fault, Black Swan was my last chance with her, and it was incredibly disappointing.


I’ll have to check this film out. Speaking of movies, I saw Rango yesterday! It was pretty good. The only gripe had with the movie was some of its narrative decisions and Rattlesnake Jake. Some of the story elements I really liked (such as the “walking cactus” and the Spirit of the West), but I felt they didn’t fit in with the main concept and broke the narrative’s feel. As for the Jake, I thought he was a REALLY cool character, with his machine gun tail, hellish eyes, and great voice, but his introduction was sudden and rather poor. But other than that, the movie was fantastic! The ravine chase scene with the bats was brilliant, the surreal elements were great, the variety of animals and their diverse personalities was really nice and, of course, the animations were spectacular.


Zack – This film is best suited for a pensive, quiet evening. I think. :] Why was Natalie’s performance so disappointing for you ?

weigy – Argh ! I should have included a spoiler warning in my post advice readers not to check out the synopsis before watching the film, haha. I think it will give the viewing more impact.\

Roy – I enjoyed Black Swan and An Education, ( also starring Carey Mulligan, fantastic again. ) but not so much for No Strings Attached and Love And Other Drugs. I missed A Single Man, 127 hours at the cinema and will love to watch them on dvd soon, and I’ll check out the rest on your list too.

Hina – I’m glad you enjoyed Rango, on the whole. :]


That list doesn’t mean I think they are good films and I recommend them. It’s just the films I have on my HD and haven’t watched yet.


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