Lighting Reel 2014

Posted By yonghow on September 22nd, 2014

vong yonghow lighting reel 2014

My latest lighting demoreel updated with shots from Transformers : Age Of Extinction. Other shots in the reel include Rango, Marvel’s The Avengers, Transformers Dark Of The Moon and Star Trek : Into Darkness.

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Absolutely amazing work. I’ve been following Halcyon Realms since your Sunrise days and it’s unbelievable to see how far you’ve come and the projects you get to work on. Keep it up! 🙂




Tam – First of all thank you for visiting my blog all these years ! For the most part I’m just standing on the shoulders of the artistic giants at ILM, it’s great to have a chance to work with these guys. :]

DISTRAKT – Haha. Thanks ! :]


Great work. What sort of software do you work with? What renderer do you most often use? And what advice would you give to another artist? Thanks.


Fresh2death – Thank you. We use mostly Katana for lighting work and for rendering PRman.

Perhaps for anyone who is interested in lighting, it is useful to watch lots of movies, take lots of pictures, and take keen observation of how light and colors shape the surroundings. :]