Kon Satoshi’s Tokyo Godfathers Goes Blu-ray

Posted By yonghow on September 23rd, 2012

Kon Satoshi Tokyo Godfathers Blu-ray

At long last ! Kon Satoshi’s (and may he R.I.P) highly acclaimed animated film Tokyo Godfathers is finally coming to blu-ray, due for release on the 21st of November 2012. You can save 26% off the original price by pre-ordering from Amazon Japan here.

Kon Satoshi Tokyo Godfathers Blu-ray

This is a 2 disc set with one blu-ray disc and one dvd disc. Some of the extras include :

– New making of documentary
– “Unexpected Tours” – Original Making Of
– Conversation with Kon Satoshi and Koukami Shouji
– Art Gallery
– The World Of Sakuga
– Animax Feature “Tokyo Godfathers”
– Original and US trailers

A 9 piece post card set is also included. For subtitles, only Japanese is listed. I find this puzzling as the older Japanese dvd had English subtitles, and why take that away ? I do hope English subtitles are included for everyone to enjoy this fantastic film.

With Paprika, Perfect Blue, Paranoia Agent (TV series) and now Tokyo Godfathers on blu-ray, the only film left would be Millenium Actress, which incidentally is my favourite Kon Satoshi film.

Do check out this cool Tokyo Godfathers “Angel” Book, and other Kon Satoshi related articles here.

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