Jin-roh : The Wolf Brigade Blu-ray + Art Round Up

Posted By yonghow on February 15th, 2015

Jin-roh Blu-ray And Art Round Up

Jin-roh : The Wolf Brigade is a 1999 anime directed by Hiroyuki Okiura, based on Mamoru Oshii’s Kerberos saga manga. The film is a big favorite of mine because of the intense mood, amazingly animation ( so good many people mistake it for rotoscope animation ) and the haunting soundtrack by Hajime Mizoguchi.

I’ve been waiting hopefully for the exorbitant Japanese blu-ray to dip in price, which never did, so when the US edition was released recently I didn’t wait.

Jin-roh Blu-ray And Art Round Up
Jin-roh Blu-ray And Art Round Up
Jin-roh Blu-ray And Art Round Up

As you can see from the pictures above the package is a pretty bare-bones affair, but the significant upgrade in the image quality ( from dvd ) is more than worth it. You can buy it from Amazon here.

I thought I took this opportunity to share also the numerous books and resources on the amazing art behind this fantastic film –

Jin-roh Maniaxx Art Book

This is one of two Jin-roh art of books that have been released. Book review here.

Jin-roh Maniaxx Art Book

Jinroh – Behind The Screen

The 2nd Jin-roh art book. There are some overlapping material between the two books, but both are excellent enough for me to recommend without reservations. Book review here.

The Art of Jinroh - Behind The Screen Art Book

Of Light And Darkness : Ogura Hiromasa BG Art Book

A few background plates from the film are featured in Ogura Hiromasa’s art book Of Light And Darkness, amongst many of his other amazing work. Book review here.

Of Light And Darkness : Ogura Hiromasa BG Art Book

Jin-roh Storyboards – DVD boxset

Housed in the DVD boxset is I believe a complete volume of the storyboards used for the film. I got my copy autographed by the color designer on the film Nagisa Abe-san when we were both working at Sunrise many years back.

Jin-roh dvd boxset

Jin-roh original cels – Suginami Animation Museum

To see these you’ll have to journey a little further to the Suginami Animation Museum in Tokyo, Japan, where a couple of the original cels used in the film are on display. More details here.

Folks who are keen to explore more of Okiura-san’s work will want to check out his art book for another of his animated films, A letter to Momo.

Jin-roh Blu-ray details :

– Language : Japanese, English Dubbed
– Runtime : 105 minutes
– Extras : trailers + Interviews

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3 Responses to “Jin-roh : The Wolf Brigade Blu-ray + Art Round Up”


I noticed you didn’t highly recommend the jin-roh blu-ray. Is that because like most u.s animation blu-rays it’s practically devoid of extra content?


Christopher – I didn’t mention it because I figured my words at the start of the post had the same message. 😛

As you mentioned often US releases of anime come with few extras but given the much affordable price compared to the Japanese blu-rays it is still a good deal. :]


Garbage cover art, also they botched the english audio. Don’t support DisoTack’s release.