G.I. Joe : The Rise of Cobra posters and teaser trailer

Posted By yonghow on February 1st, 2009

Promotional Posters for G.I. Joe : The Rise of Cobra, ala Matrix Reloaded style. Though we probably won’t be seeing him unmask in the film, Storm Shadow (masked dude with 2 katanas) is actually Korean actor Lee Byung-Hun, who was in Kim Ji-Woon ( A Tale of 2 Sisters ) excellent film A Bittersweet Life. This marks his Hollywood debut, I think.

The trailer looks rather promising, Stephen Sommers ( director of Mummy ) or not. You can check out a much higher quality HD version of the trailer at superherohype.com.

I think my only memories of the G.I Joe cartoons I watched as a kid was “American Hero” theme song and the somewhat irritating voice of Cobra Commander, whom I think also voiced Star Scream in the Transformers cartoons.

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steiner from mars

Yep, I feel kind of nostalgic too but, to be honest, I don´t think we could expect too much about this thing sigh…


Sienna Miller. Hawt.


Storm Shadow looks like a Snowtrooper…


steiner from mars – Haha, yeah I suppose we should have low expectations, so in the case that it does perform it will be a pleasant surprise. :]

Kenny – No arguments about that at all. :p

one – Much more lethal, I hope.


What is the theme song for the movie??

GI Joe Movie Snake Eyes

The name of theme song is Hollywood Undead and the name of the band is the Undead. Can’t wait to see this movie; however, I hear it is really made for kids just like the second transformers.

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the baroness of GI Joe is the character i love, she is beautiful and deadly `


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