Films Retrospect 2006

Posted By yonghow on January 2nd, 2007

Films Retrospect 2006

Total tally for films watched in 2006 stands at 28 in theatres and 96 on dvds, making that 124 in all ( Click here to see the entire list ), down from 178 in 2005. This decline is largely due to a full 5 month hiatus from summer as I got bogged down by my film project and job search. Here are my top 10 favourite films viewed in 2006, in no particular merit.

1)Pride and Prejudice (Joe Wright)
2)Munich (Spielberg)
3)Children of Men (Alphonso Cuaron)
4)Proof (John Madden)
5)Crash (Paul Haggis)
6)The Constant Gardener (Fernando Meirelles)
7)Wallace and Gromit : Curse of the Wererabbit (Steve Box/Nick Park)
8)Planet Earth (Documentary, David Attenborough)
9)Paprika (Kon Satoshi)
X)Matchpoint (Woody Allen)

It is regrettable my access to the latest films are always at least 4 to 6 months behind the living world due to Japan’s inexplicable slow release system, which I am more than resigned to having been here for almost 3 years. Notably Korean and Japanese films are missing from my favourites as there hadn’t been any winners like Tony Takitani last year. I hope to catch The Host soon. A few other notable films I enjoyed were Lord of War by Andrew Niccol, I’ve been his fan ever since Gattaca; Team America World Police, Jarhead, and A History of Violence. I think the worst film of 2006 had got to be Eragon.

With that, here’s to a bountiful year ahead for film watching !

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Some good flicks on your list, but I wonder if you’ve seen the 1995 BBC TV miniseries of Pride and Prejudice starring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle? It is far superior to the lightweight movie starring Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen.
There are just too many characters and incidents in Pride and Prejudice to cram it into a 2 hour movie. The TV version runs about six hours yet it doesn’t seem a minute too long.
At least the 2006 movie is better than the awful 1940 movie starring Laurence Olivier and Greer Garson. It was Hollywood at its worst, rewriting Jane Austen for cheap romantic effect.
Love Matchpoint from your list too!


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