Farewell, Kon Satoshi. 1963-2010.

Posted By yonghow on August 26th, 2010

Japanese animation director Kon Satoshi, who gave us such unforgettable films as Perfect Blue, Millenium Actress, Tokyo Godfathers and Paprika, passed away on the 24th of August, 2010, from pancreatic cancer. He was only 46.

No doubt the animation world has just lost one of its brightest stars, for he was certainly among one of the greats – Miyazaki, Oshii, and his mentor Otomo.

While working on Freedom in Sunrise in Ogikubo, Tokyo, we were fortunately indeed to be located just across the street from Madhouse. As such, I had on numerous occasions chanced upon the man himself, who believe it or not, commutes by train, just like us mortals. The ultimate encounter of course, was when I sat next to him in a quaint little restaurant called Fune.

At the end of Millenium Actress, (my absolute favorite Kon Satoshi film) Chiyoko utters :

( “After all, its the chase [after him] that I really love.”)

Certainly, the same can be said of the director’s lifelong pursuit for that next great film.

Farewell, Satoshi-sama. Your spirit will endure in the brilliance and beauty of your wonderful animation. Next stop, The Dream Machine. ( Yume Miru Kikai )

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goodnight sweet prince


hi mr vong, here is his last post.


very heartfelt words.


For people like me(and sure most of all)who never meet the man in person, it feels like if you just lost someone who make you very happy every time you see it, but you don´t realize until it´s mo more.

Incredible what someone can acomplished through life.


He will be missed but his legacy and work will live on. That’ what made him a master of the craft.


Oh man, that 24th august was my birthday and i just got back from skydiving. Reading this is so sad, i am in shock. I love his work. We will miss him so much in this industry. May he rest in peace.


I was truly heartbroken when I read this. My eyes were filled with tears. Not only a loss to the anime industry, but a major loss to the film- no the imaginative and creative industry. The world doesn’t know who it has lost just yet. And at such a young age no less. Sad, truly sad.

Rest in blissful peace Satoshi Kon.


His last words were truly, truly admirable. A sad day when a man who’s so appreciative of life has to lose his so early.

It’s interesting that he noted, he’s always felt like he could die at any time. His stories certainly carries that feeling, of appreciating each day as it came.

May the world be kind to those he was important to.


Thank you Mr Hill, for the link to his last post, and for everyone’s comments. RIP, Satoshi-sama.


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