Awesome Rango Posters

Posted By yonghow on March 9th, 2011

3 totally smashing Rango posters that I found online – I wish they made one for every character in the film ! ( Please let me know if you find any others out there. ) Pardon my ignorance, but what language/country are these posters for ?

Rango has started screening in the States since Friday ( making 38 million over the weekend ) and will open in Singapore tomorrow.

I hope you guys enjoy the film, and will love to hear your comments after you’ve seen it. :]

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King Raoh

Brilliant. ILM pretty much schooled the other CG animation houses in terms of lighting, framing, character design, and overall sophistication of imagery. One reviewer I read stated that it’s the closest a CG animated film has come to capturing Chuck Jones, and I’d have to agree; the animated acting is more specific/less stock than what Dreamworks, Pixar, or Disney have been doing. This is something we haven’t seen much in animation since the Looney Tunes days. Even with the high level of naturalism in lighting and texture, you guys weren’t afraid to get downright cartooney in your action and expressions. And you also weren’t afraid to get dark, dirty, and real when it was appropriate.

Best human designs in one of these films yet. No plastic, bland, featureless, generic people here. The artists understand the importance of caricature in animation, and know how to do it right. Was Sebastian Kruger an influence on the human designs?

American CG animation just leveled up as far as I’m concerned. More from this team please.


that is Spanish, probably suited for Latin America or… Spain ^^


Spanish language, and from Argentina it looks like (take a look at the website on the bottom line: .ar)


Just saw it tonight and I loved it! It was technically spectacular. There were also homages to other films which I thought was great.

I just wanted to voice my adoration on specific parts of the film so SPOILER warning below if you haven’t seen it yet.

I loved the entire segment of when he fell out of the car and everything just shattered and slid on the asphalt.

Bravo on the chase scene.

Rattlesnake Jake was done very well as a villain. It was done SO well that I heard a toddler start crying the first time he showed up. At least I’m sure that was what the toddler was crying about.

My favorite scene though would have to be when Rango was crossing the road at night.

I have to ask you though, what was that giant eye underground? The characters seemed to be aware of it but made no reaction.

Anyway, I ordered The Ballad of Rango and it is on its way to me as we speak. You and everyone else at ILM have done a great job.


I already posted about it before, but I’ll elaborate on my enjoyment because you’ve given me the chance to do so. 😉

As we’ve all mentioned, the film was a technical marvel. The visual delight of watching the Rango and friends being chased by dozens of bats, the sleek, coiling movements of Rattlesnake Jake, the surreal imagery of Rango’s dream, and the general populace of assorted animals is second to none.

The movie got the “Spaghetti Western” style down perfectly. The lingo, the clothes, the habits, the music, the personalities and archetypes– everything was perfect.

And King Raoh nailed it with this point:

“No plastic, bland, featureless, generic people here.”

This is one of the reasons I’ve never been the biggest fan of Western animation’s human character designs (particularly the CGi variety). I don’t dislike them and they’re often funny (at least in Pixar films they are), but it’s for the reasons King Raoh mentioned that I’ve always preferred Pixars non-human characters (Nemo, Wall-E, Ratatouille, etc.) over their human creations. I also thought the Spirit of the West, despite looking kinda funny amongst all those animals, was also the best CGi human design yet. If only more CGi studios took more time to add distinguishable characteristics to their characters…

Rattlesnake Jake was awesome. They should have made a poster of him. He’s easily one of my favorite villains of all time in any medium. The idea of turning his rattle into a rapid-fire gun was quite clever. His eyes also reminded me of Sauron from Lord of the Rings. I just wished he’d been developed a bit more. Still, he was really cool!

I also loved the “walking” cacti. Unsettling yet intriguing at the same time.

I was also wondering what that giant eye was. I tried to think of every possible desert life form, but couldn’t come up with anything that big (and scary!).


I think the whole point is that it doesn’t really matter what that giant eye is. What matters is the townsfolks’ near complete lack of reaction to it beyond one finally admitting something to the effect of, “Ayep, that’s a big’un”.

That laconic response to something which would have had most of us soiling ourselves speaks volumes about the tenacity and resolve of all these frontier critters. Yep, that sure is weird, but we got us a job to do…