Attack On Titan + Subaru Forester Commercial

Posted By yonghow on January 25th, 2014

Japanese automobile company Subaru teams up with Shinji Higuchi, director of the upcoming Attack On Titan live-action film to create this commercial for the Forester. Check it out below :

Apparently the 2 “regular” titans are human actors in heavy prosthetics augmented with CGI, while the Colossal Titan is clearly full CG. Check out a short making of clip below :

From a VFX standpoint the titans don’t really feel well integrated with the live-action elements and my suspension of disbelief doesn’t kick in at all, but perhaps this is just a rough test of what we expect to see in the completed film. The human characters are going to be hard to pull off without them looking cosplay-ish too, I think.

Thoughts ?


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I lost all hope in japanese cinema personally. They will do a frame-by-frame adaptation, making the acting unnatural and silly. Let’s just hope they’re not gonna have japanese actors with blond wigs. If they do that I’m gonna murder someone.


That bad huh ? I watched the live-action Library Wars a while back and it was kinda enjoyable for me. To be fair, I’ve not seen the manga/anime.

It’ll be interesting to see how they cast the members of the Survey Corp. 😛


I’m a big fan of japanese cinema but it’s true that live action are almost always bad. Sadly japanese cinema have really “tiny” budget compared to american movies. For example think that the most expensive japanese movie is Gantz with $22 million budget while Pacific Rim (just to cite something with well implemented “giants”)it’s like $190 million!



VFX budget is relative, IMO. Keep the scene in harsh light of clear day, throwing dirt on green screen instead of generate them with CGI – will reduce the cost significant. You will not have them look as dramatic as large budget scene but at least they look real.

The one look bad is the one where VFX studio not stay with stuff they’re capable of.


daze/foggyflute – Like what foggyflute mentioned, the budget of films are dependent on so many factors it will be hard to compare any meaningfully.

I was not aware that the budget for Gantz was 22 million – that’s indeed high for a Japanese film. It’s been a while since I watched Gantz, but some of the VFX shots were pretty well done if I remember correctly. 😛


yonghow,foggyflute – true enough. Gotta wait an official trailer before complain about the cg tier.

About the director Shinji Higuchi:this guy made only Gamera movies and storyboard for GAINAX, doesn’t seems bad…


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