Alice Through The Looking Glass TV Spot

Posted By yonghow on March 17th, 2016

Alice Through The Looking Glass TV Spot

Lighting work has finally wrapped on Alice Through The Looking Glass, which I started on 9 months ago when I first arrived in Vancouver. I’m liking how the DI is bringing out the richness of the colors, though as with many films I’ve worked on ( Star Trek Into Darkness, the Transformers films) the blacks are crushed just a tad too much.

Take a look at the TV spot below :


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Love it can’t wait to see it. @Yonghow you’re a thoroughbred and you make watching contemporary films that much more enjoyable thank you for your incredible service to the industry greatly appreciate you!

King Raoh

The terminology: what are ‘crushed’ blacks?


DISTRAKT – Thanks for the kind words ! :]

King Raoh – To achieve the crunchy, contrasty look, the shadows and highlights of the images have been boosted. In moderation it gives punch to the visuals, but if used too aggressively the gradation of dark areas to black becomes abrupt, creating very inky areas of black, which in the vfx industry is often referred to as “crushed”.