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Sakura Nagashi – Utada Hikaru + Evangelion Music Video

Posted By yonghow on October 2nd, 2016

Sakura Nagashi - Utada Hikaru + Evangelion (more…)

Freak Of The Week – Freak Kitchen Animated MTV

Posted By yonghow on March 17th, 2015

Freak Ktichen - Freak Of The Week MTV (more…)

Evangelion – Another Impact CG Short

Posted By yonghow on February 7th, 2015

Evangelion Another Impact CG Short (more…)

Evangelion 3.0 + Utada Hikaru – Sakura Nagashi

Posted By yonghow on May 4th, 2013


Final Fantasy XIV Soundtrack – Battle Tracks / Field Tracks

Posted By yonghow on September 29th, 2010


Viva La Vida, Liberty Leading the People, and Eugene Delacroix

Posted By yonghow on July 17th, 2008


Joe Hisashi at the Budokan

Posted By yonghow on May 26th, 2008


Utada Hikaru and red camisoles

Posted By yonghow on February 8th, 2008


Utada Hikaru reads Ghost in the Shell ?

Posted By yonghow on October 31st, 2007


Utada Hikaru “Kiss & Cry” MTV Freedom version

Posted By yonghow on September 10th, 2007

About 2 months ago, word came that we will be helping out with the production for Utada Hikaru’s MTV for “Kiss & Cry“, her latest single. Although Freedom has always been associated with Utada’s music right from the start ( the opening credits feature her song “This is Love” ), the chance to actually work on one her MTVs naturally got me fairly excited, as I am a big fan. A rough cut of the MTV has already been completed, and I was just dying to see it.


Paul Van Dyk – In Between

Posted By yonghow on August 10th, 2007

Its a little known fact ( to all but my closest clubbing friends ) that I invariably succumb to temporal insanity whenever fed any music by Paul Van Dyk. Its like flipping on a switch inside me. His Politics of Dancing II Tour at Ageha in 2006 was one of best gigs I ever went to, so its utterly saddening that I had to miss his In Between Tour earlier in June this year due to work commitments.

I have only the album release on the 14th this month to salve my pain, but for my Singaporean friends, PVD will be spinning at Zouk on the 1st of September, you lucky chaps. You won’t be needing any booze; PVD’s music alone is intoxicating enough.

School Food Punishment

Posted By yonghow on July 18th, 2007

I haven’t been following much Japanese music other than Hikkie these days, but during a recent trip to Tsutaya an album playing in the store caught my fancy so much I asked for it after listening to just 2 songs. It turns out the copy they were playing was the only one they had in the store – so its a case of pure serendipity I guess. The album is “School Food is Good Food” by a relatively new band who call themselves School Food Punishment. Please don’t ask me why; Japanese bands have the strangest names.

You can listen to 2 sample tracks from the album here. I’m drawn inexplicably to music which triggers my brain to visually create scenarios, a sort of mental mise en scene – which very often create inspiration for my animation projects. Music by Chicane and Clannad, for example, and most recently School Food. I really like that feeling.

By the way, my 2 year old Ipod is dying on me. There’s rumours abound that the 6th generation Ipod will feature a full touchscreen like the Iphone, so let’s see what Steve Jobs say later this year before I make plans to replace my old one.