How to Order from Amazon Japan – A detailed buying Guide

Posted By yonghow on September 17th, 2010

How To Order From Amazon Japan - Step by Step Guide

Updated on 27th June 2017. Old page is here.

This is a detailed, step by step guide on how to purchase / order an item from Amazon Japan store, including information on shipping costs, tax charges and more. Read on !

So you’ve been searching high and low for that cool Japanese artbook, figure or gadget and finally found it on Amazon Japan website…but everything is in Japanese and you have no idea how to order ?

No worries – this article will guide you along with clear and concise steps on how to order and purchase an item from Amazon Japan. You might also want to check out the FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions ) article.

The Amazon Japan website ( ) is primarily in Japanese language only, but there are links on the website allows you to switch to English. The switch however, isn’t exhaustive and only translates selected information, though that is enough for us to complete the order.

Step 1 : Locate the switch for English language on the website

Say you’ve located the item you want to purchase and are now on the product page. We’ll use Masamune Shirow’s groundbreaking manga Ghost In The Shell as an example here. ( see picture below ) The page is currently displaying in Japanese.

How To Order From Amazon Japan - Step by Step Guide

To display the page in English, scroll right down to the bottom of the page and locate the language switch tab; its a rectangle box with a globe icon to the right of the Amazon logo, and click on that. Now switch from Japanese (日本語-JP) to English (English-EN). ( see picture below )

How To Order From Amazon Japan - Step by Step Guide

Once you’ve done that, the page will refresh and display in English, with details telling you whether the item is in stock, and the big yellow purchase button now reads well…”Add to Cart”. (see picture below)

How To Order From Amazon Japan - Step by Step Guide

Step 2 : Add item to Cart

After checking that the item is in stock, we can go ahead and click on the “Add to Cart” button. This will bring you to the “Proceed to Checkout” page. ( see picture below )

How To Order From Amazon Japan - Step by Step Guide

On this page Amazon will give you recommendations on similar items that you might be interested in, you can click on the item’s thumbnail picture to go to the item’s product page for more details.

As you add more items, your shopping cart will be updated to display the new list of items, you can also do a quick check on how many items you have in your cart by looking at the numeric value on the cart icon. ( see below )

How To Order From Amazon Japan - Step by Step Guide

Once you’re satisfied with the contents of your cart, click on the yellow “Proceed to Checkout” button. This will bring you to the checkout / member sign in page.

Step 3 : Checking out / signing up a new membership

If this is your first time purchasing from Amazon Japan ( and I assume it is ), you will need to create a new account. This is because your existing,,,, or account will not be recognized at You are, however, welcome to use the same e-mail address/password combination you are using for your other Amazon accounts.

Click on the “Create Your Amazon Account” link to continue. ( see below )

How To Order From Amazon Japan - Step by Step Guide

Now you’re ready to sign up. Fill in your name, name pronounciation ( you can just type in your name again, it’s not that important ), preferred email and password and click on the “Create Your Amazon Account” option to continue.

How To Order From Amazon Japan - Step by Step Guide

Step 4 : Enter a new shipping address

This will bring you to the shipping address setup page. Amazon Japan assumes that you are living in Japan, and the address field provided is for Japanese addresses only. To enter an international address, locate the “Add an International Address” link and click it. ( see picture below )

How To Order From Amazon Japan - Step by Step Guide

Now you can you fill in your address details as shown below. Once done, click on the yellow “continue” button.

How To Order From Amazon Japan - Step by Step Guide

Step 6 : Choose your delivery option

For international orders, Amazon Japan ships only with AmazonGlobal Priority shipping ( usually by DHL or Fedex ), and it delivers in an amazingly quick 3-5 days once the item ships out. ( excluding some select countries and the regions. )

How To Order From Amazon Japan - Step by Step Guide

If your order contains more than one item and some are not ready to be shipped (pre-orders), and you want to ship out the ready ones first you can choose the “ship items as they become available” option. There will be an additional “Per Shipment” fee for every shipment that you split out. ( Please note the option is not shown in the above screen capture as there is only one item in the cart. )

For a more detailed table of shipping costs for kinds of items / region, go here.

For now, click on the “continue” button to proceed.

Step 5 : Select a Payment Method

You should now be on the “Select a Payment Method” page. ( see image below ) For customers outside of Japan, the only payment method available right now is by credit card. ( or Amazon gift cards purchased on Amazon Japan. See details here. )

To enter your credit card information, first click on the “Add a new card” button ( see below ).

How To Order From Amazon Japan - Step by Step Guide

A new field will pop up. ( see below ) Enter the information needed, and click “Add your card”.

How To Order From Amazon Japan - Step by Step Guide

Amazon will take a few seconds to detect your card, and then the page will refresh with your card information now appearing on the top of the page. ( see picture below )

How To Order From Amazon Japan - Step by Step Guide

Take a moment to verify that your card information is correct, and then click on the “Continue” button. Our checkout is now almost complete.

Step 7 : Review and Submit your order

How To Order From Amazon Japan - Step by Step Guide

You should now be on the “Review your order” page – Have a final check to see that all is in order, then click on the yellow “Place your order” button, and you’re done ! You should receive a confirmation email of your order in your mailbox almost instantly.

Also, you might notice that the price of the item indicated on the order summary is cheaper than what was shown on the item page. That’s because international orders from Amazon Japan is exempt from the 8% tax fee.

If you hit a snag while trying to order an item, see if this FAQ article can help.

If you are looking for Japanese art books on my blog, I’ll be more than appreciative if you make purchases using the Amazon Affliates links found on each of the book’s reviews – you can begin by browsing this page.


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Are all items from Amazon Japan shipped from Japan (so import restrictions apply to anything bought from there)?


o-l : To the best of my knowledge, all items from Amazon Japan are indeed shipped from their warehouse in Chiba, Japan.


Thank you very much! I am not planning to order anything from there any time soon, but this might be really useful to me in the future. However, I was wondering if you know if everything is the same for buying things that are not in stock, but are being sold used? Would those sellers be willing to ship to all countries?


i’m having problems ordering from amazon japan.

it asked for my:
-card number
-the card’s expiry date
-and the holder of the card

but in france, the french credit cards have a 3 digits number at the back of the card the holder uses as a security when ordering online.
Amazon japan doesn’t asked for this number. So i’m wondering if that’s the problem !!!
i keep getting a message to update my order…when i connect to amazon japan, this is the message i usually get:

Important Message
Before we can proceed with your order, your credit card’s issuing bank requires you to do one of the following:
* Update the expiration date on the credit card you entered.
* Choose an alternate credit card from your account.
* Enter a new credit card number.
Click Retry or edit credit card to continue.

PS: i called my bank and they said every thing is ok so the problem comes from amazon…


raphael – I’ve sent an email to you regarding the issue you had, I hope it’s resolved and now you’re a happy owner of the film !


I tried ordering this outstanding book off Amazon jp using your referral. Its about a £15 item since I’m ordering from the UK but the P&P alone was a whooping £30!!!

Sorry I couldn’t help your site that little bit – its an amazing read 🙂


Ouroboros – Thank you so much for the support, I do hope you”ll enjoy the book you’ve ordered, and nice nickname btw. :]


thank you this helped alot


Love your blog and articles!
As shipping and handling is expensive for one book item from Japan: Are you located in Japan, or? Would it be possible for you to order (as a business) the books you recommend in bulk and re-sell. Limited amounts of course. I know I, and others probably, would order these exceptional art/anime books on a regular basis. Just thinking!

David Yasuo Henna

Could you please tell me the name of the CEO of Amazon Japan. Is it still
Jeffrey Cheong?
Could you also please tell me his mailing address — I know it’s in Chiba Ken
Could you please tell me Mr. cheong’s email address.

Thank you very much. I love Japanese manga, especially Ranma 1/2 and Dragonball
which I have read in the original Japanese.



I’m having the exact same problem as Raphael of the message from September 23rd 2010.

What can be done?



Goldfinger – This was my mail reply to Raphael, I hope it helps :

Hello there, I do no believe that the 3 digit security no. is the problem, as amazon does not require customers to fill that in when entering their credit card information.

Just to be very sure, did you enter the correct expiry month and date for your card ? Any difference will cause amazon to reject the card.

Lastly, I do believe that nothing is wrong with your card, but sometimes amazon simply refuses to accept some cards, for reason which I cannot provide. Is it possible to try with another card ? This is just to verify that nothing is wrong with the checkout system and its certain cards that amazon refuses to accept, the card will not be charge unless you really submit your order.

Genny Keisker

It’s really a great and helpful piece of information. I’m happy that you just shared this helpful info with us. Please stay us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.


Does take prepaid visa cards?


zerox535 – Unfortunately I do not have any experience ordering with a prepaid visa card, but I do not remember Amazon stately explicitly that they do not accept it. I think the best way is to add the card to your account and try it ( you do not need to make a purchase/payment to add the card ).


This is unbelievably helpful! Thank you so much! I think I may have to save up for the shipping, though! Presumably it would be cheaper to order a moderate-large group of items to be shipped together, as opposed to one or two separately? Otherwise I’d be paying a fortune on shipping alone!
Either way, thanks so much!


Hello, I’m new to Amazon and recently I was trying to purchase a book from but it seems I can’t bypass the “Choose where to ship each item” page to the next one. I’ve checked my postage address and there isn’t any typo. I tried logging in using different browsers; nothing but the same error occurred. I also tried the one suggested in the Trouble Shoot page which is to clear my browser cache first but none of them work, the site still keeps on refusing to bring me to the “Select your payment method” without giving me any note or warning that I’m not eligible to have the item posted to my address. After clicking the Next button, the page just refreshes itself.

Thanks a lot in advance as well for this informative article too :3


Ben – Yes, consolidating a bigger order will allow you to save quite a bit on shipping. :]

BorneoBlend – Were there any red warning messages displayed on the page ? Also, are you purchasing an item from an Amazon Marketplace seller ? If so, they will not ship overseas, which might be the reason why you were unable to proceed. Hope that helps !



Thanks a lot for the response. Unfortunately no, I didn’t get any red warnings and the one I’m ordering now is a brand new book. I’m sure of this since right before that I also have one used book in my cart and that one clearly gave me a warning that they’re unable to ship it to my country. Then I removed it from my cart, leaving only the new book I’m ordering now but that didn’t make any difference; I still get myself stuck in the “Choose where to ship each item” page.

I also wondered if the fact that this book contain adult/NSFW materials was the reason why this error occurred so I made a test by removing the book from my cart and try purchasing any stuff that’s confirmed to be SFW like a regular PVC figure and proceeded to checkout. Unfortunately, I’m still getting the same glitch

I’ve also tried the international with some random items in my cart and it turned out the site works fine, I was able to bypass the “Choose where to ship each item” page and continue to next one.


Hello, Thank you so much for making this, I’ve stumbled across this site looking for info on Prismtone, (which I thank you for having a awesome review) and now i finally made a account, I did purchase the Art of Blue Sub 6 with your link, which came in today (yay!) and bought form|code also, which was hella expensive but well worth the price, I really enjoy your site very much that I have it bookmarked, thanks again!


Hello! Thank you very much for this helpful article! I’m now a few clicks away from completing my order.

I have some questions. I’m going to order three items from Amazon Japan. I chose the “Group my items into as few shipments as possible” option, but it separated one of the items because it’s going to be released earlier (meaning I’ll have two separate shipments coming). So my questions are:

1) Do you know if it’s possible to have all three items shipped at the same time? The difference in release days is just five days anyway.

2) According to the order summary, the total of the shipping and handling fees is 2,800 Yen. If they shipped the items separately, would they put the shipping fees on both parcels? Because if they did, the customs duties and taxes would be higher since they might think that I payed 2,800Yen twice.

I’m going to ask amazon about these too, but I thought it’s better to also ask someone who has experienced shopping from them so I’d know what to expect. Thank you for your time!


Crystal – I cannot be 100% if its possible, but you can try writing in to Amazon and requesting that the items be shipped together. Actually, Amazon split up your items ( at no extra cost, I believe ) so that you do not need to wait for all items to be ready before they can be shipped. For your 2nd question, I believe the shipping fees will be printed, but it will reflect the correct amount for each separate

    shipment – ie the total will add up to 2800 only, and no more, so you do not need to worry about pay that twice.

    Hope I’ve been of some help, and thanks for visiting ! :]

alex vaida

Thanks a bunch for taking the time to do this ! It’s been of great help !


Dilol markus

Thanks for this. Shipping costs a lot, but it’s only 10-20$ expensive compared to other sites and comes much faster.


Hi, and thx you for your blog. I have the same probleme as raphael. I’m from canada and in our credit card we also have the 3 digit number in the back and doesn’t ask for it. Can you help me please. thx agin


peekaboo – This was my mail reply to Raphael, I hope it helps :

Hello there, I do no believe that the 3 digit security no. is the problem, as amazon does not require customers to fill that in when entering their credit card information.

Just to be very sure, did you enter the correct expiry month and date for your card ? Any difference will cause amazon to reject the card.

Lastly, I do believe that nothing is wrong with your card, but sometimes amazon simply refuses to accept some cards, for reason which I cannot provide. Is it possible to try with another card ? This is just to verify that nothing is wrong with the checkout system and its certain cards that amazon refuses to accept, the card will not be charge unless you really submit your order.


Thx you very much for your support. I really appreciate it.


I have amazon prime on my american account, will it work for Amazon Japan? Also, is there a fee for ordering from America?


Hi I’m from Malaysia. I got a problem on the shipping address. The item seems can’t ship to Malaysia. How am I going to find any middleman besides VPost? I want to save the cost. Thanks.


Sabrina – to the best of my knowledge the Amazon Prime programs for the American and Japanese accounts are not linked and therefore you will not be able to use it. You can however, try the program free for a month – for details check this page :

Amazon Prime aside, there are no additional charges when ordering from Amazon Japan. ( ie besides the standard shipping charges that goes for all Amazon purchases )

I hope that helps !

Takei – The only other service that know that you can use is – they will send your amazon purchase to a Japanese address, and then reship it to you. I cannot be sure if the charges are cheaper than VPost though – do check out their rates at cheers !



If I use, does that mean I need to pay to both and So it means that I will need to pay shipping price twice?


Rieyn – Domestic shipping within Japan is free for Amazon, so you will only be paying shipping and service fees for :]


Does Amazon Japan ship videogames outside japan? Because in the help page says they don’t ship games, but they ship dvd’s so I want to know if for “games” thet mean videogames…


Diego – Unfortunately you are correct – as far as I know Amazon does not ship videogames outside of Japan. You will probably need to use a redirecting service like if you really want to purchase a game from Amazon japan.


Hello! I am so impressed that you are helping so many people ^^ thank you very much!
I would like to ask something.. I managed to register myself with my Hungarian address, however, when I try to check out, it says that they don’t ship any of the books to my country.. why is that? Isn’t it like.. if I can register my address on their Amazon that means that I can order to my country?

I hope I could explain somehow what I meant.. thank you for your assistance!


I was just wondering I know this might sound silly but I wanted to buy some dragonball z books off amazon jp I was wondering if the books would be in english writing?


Sandy – Unfortunately, the successful registration of your account/address is not indicative of Amazon’s ability to ship to your country – I believe the verification (as to whether the item can be shipped to your address) is only done when you do a check-out. I’m really sorry ! If you really want to get those items, you might want to try a redirect service like

nick – Hey there, unless otherwise stated in the product details, the books you wish to purchase are probably in Japanese language, not english.

Casey Fortune

I’m having a problem. I am trying to buy The Vocaloid “Tone Rion” but it says it can’t ship it to my address. What am I doing wrong?
Here is the thing I am trying to buy:


Casey – You didn’t do anything wrong – if you scroll further down the item page under “Product Details”, it specifically states that the item does not ship outside of Japan.

You can consider using a redirecting service like if you still wish to purchase the item. Hope that helps !


this has been very helpful, but i do have a question. I also am sorry beforehand if you have answered this and I missed it. I am trying to use my US address to get armored core reprises, however it gets to checkout screen and says that it cannot send to my address. When I go to the help menu for that (and use a translator lol) it says the only things that can be sent are DVDs and CDs and the like, but this IS a CD (although it is a game soundtrack). Would you be able to tell me why it will not send to me? I’m out of Texas if that has anything to do with it.


Jeremiah – Can you point me to the exact amazon page ? I cannot be sure why they won’t ship to Texas but the page itself might offer hints. :]

Daniel Keys

It says “We’re sorry. This item can’t be shipped to your selected destination. You may either change the shipping address or delete the item from your order by changing its quantity to 0 and clicking the update button below” does this mean i simply cannot order from amazon JP?


This is super helpful!! I was really wanting to order the Japanese versions of the Sailor Moon manga (seeing them being re-released into English…it’s like my childhood has returned~), but unfortunately YesAsia has volumes 2, 6, and 11 out of stock. :< So I was looking for somewhere to buy them. Why not ^^

However, I find the shipping amounts to be excessive (as expected since it's coming from overseas), and I see that's because it's DHL/FedEx. I've been ordering from South Korea for a while now, so maybe you could put this tip on your blog to alert fellow customers:
–Services like DHL/FedEx/UPS charge custom brokerage fees when they ship things, so even if the items are below the $200 USD threshold for assessing duties (for US; I'm not sure of the threshold for other countries,but I hear most of them are MUCH lower…I think Canada is $20 Canadian Dollars), you'll still be charged brokerage fees, which can be a little hefty. Maybe you could just warn potential future Amazon Japan customers about that. ^^ I've seen a lot of people get angry on eBay and yell at the sellers. So just so they don't come yelling at you. ^^ (I know I always avoid shipping internationally via DHL/FedEx/UPS just because of the ridiculous fees they charge, as well as a lot of other international buyers I know…)
–AirMail/SAL usually charge significantly less for S&H, but I don't think offers them, do they? :< They're slower, but you save $$$.

Just some advice. This is a great tutorial. Keep it up!! ^^


EmmKays – Thanks for the tips, Amazon Japan ships only with expedited mail, which delivers in a very fast 2-3 days. The charges aren’t cheap, so you have to leverage by trying to order more items in a single shipment if possible. Amazon used to offer standard shipping a few years back but the items kept getting lost, so they decided to stop that servicely completely.



sir, seeking help … i want to purchase something in amazon jp however all i see are in japanese language … i’m from the philippines… i’ll be purchasing a scooter chassis its about 6900 yen…how can i buy it… thanks


im having problems adding a shipping address, since the item i wanna buy doesnt ship to UK

any way around this? : (

this is first time im trying to use amazon, ever!

is there a way to contact seller or something?

masako edwards

Can I use a US Amazon gift card to order from Amazon Japan ? I have books I would like to purchase from Japan and would like to use this gift card.

Thank you

masako edwards


i – You will have to use a re-shipping service like Do take a look at replies to similar questions I have posted above. Goodluck !

masako – I have not tried to apply an gift card to my Japanese account, and so cannot verify if its possible, but my guess is that it is possible. To be 100% sure, I think it would be better if you send an email to Amazon Japan’s customer service, ( they have an excellent support team that responds to queries in English ), right here :


Hello lovely seller, thank you for your thorough information. However, the item I want cannot be shipped outside Japan, I cannot read japanese nor speak. Could you please help me? I have always wanted Konapun cooking set.


Hey yonghow, for some reason all of the PVC figures I choose, products or items, won’t ship to my destination, I’m ordering it to be shipped to San Francisco, California, but all of the items I chose isn’t available for shipping to this location.

Is there any problems regarding SF or California?


Vernant – Hey there, the issue isn’t specific to SF or California – to the best of my knowledge Amazon Japan does not ship figures internationally. It sucks, I know.

You can however, work around by using a re-shipping service like They will provide you with a temporary Japanese address to ship to after you purchase the items from Amazon, and then reship it to you. With fees, of course. :]


Hi ! I ordered from amazon with In the field ‘Billing address” (not shipping adress) do you have to write your real address ? (I’m paying with a credit card)


Same question as H-heav’n: In the field ‘Billing address” (not shipping adress) do you have to write your real address ?


H-heav’n/karen94340 – I’ve always entered the same (shipping) address for both fields. :]


Even if this adress doesn’t match the card’s one ? Because I don’t have a japanese credit card :/ Only a french one


H-heav’n/karen94340 – I’m sorry, I missed out the part where H-heav’n mentioned I’ve not had any experience shipping with tenso yet, so I cannot give a definitive answer. To be on the safe side, I would say enter the same Japanese address, however, please do check with tenso to be sure.

If any reader out there has used tenso’s services before, do let us know how it was done. Thank you !


You saved my sanity with this detailed tutorial, yonghow! Thanks to you, I just completed my 1st order from amazon japan a few minutes ago.

THANK YOU so much! 🙂 🙂


So I set up an account on But I do not know where to put the address on the “Select a Shipping Address” page of I mean for the address that tenso provided, I don’t know which lines are the Address Line, the Prefecture, the Zip Code, and stuff like that.


This article was a great confidence-booster for me when I found the book I wanted was only available in Japan. Seeing the screenshots of what to expect before actually going through the process made it all seem much less of a hurdle.
It was actually a very quick and easy process & I’ve just place my 1st order on Amazon Japan (just watch out for those postage costs!)


Hi, I read this and it was really helpful but I wanted to ask a few questions that I’m having problems right now.

I live in America but as I try to order a book from Amazon Japan I keep getting an email about my credit card expiration date.

I entered it correctly but I don’t know why they’re telling me to check the expiration date again. The credit card is an AMEX. I’m wondering do they accept AMEX?


Hey there Riya, yes I can confirm that Amazon Japan does accept Amex cards. I think the best way to find the issue is to contact their customer support – they offer great support in English too.

Here’s the page :

Hope that helps, and good luck ! :]


Just to clarify, we can use a us card to order from Japan, right? I’m actually in Japan right now and I want to order something from the Japanese Amazon, but I’ve experienced situations where certain online shops don’t accept overseas cards.


Yep, shouldn’t have any problems ordering with your card. :]

Michael Hans

Thanks for the Article!

I was trying to order the book below! The site gives me an error message that translates “To order, which includes products that can not be delivered to the address of the outside. In this site, you are to deliver the country except for the Adult Items Books, CD, DVD, only VHS. Other products can not be delivered to the outside, please remove your order from.”

Is there a way around ordering adult themed art books?

The book I am trying to buy URL-


ohh shoot thats a bummer lol.. me who also started to get hope to be able to order myself some adult DVDs!!! but I wonder if they would work in north America.. I mean I know other websites to get them.. but has a way greater selection… if not there is j-list but they charge like double the price and dont have them all!!!

Sarah P

Stupid question;
I’m planning on ordering something worth ¥ 9,800
Everything in the Amazon Japan should be in yen, correct?
Not Yuan.


Sarah – That is correct. Everything is quoted in Japanese yen. :]



I’m looking at ordering some manga from Amazon Japan, and several are much cheaper when bought from Marketplace sellers (some starting at 1 yen). Would I be able to buy from these sellers and have it shipped to the US via tenso?

Thank you so much!


Hi Amazon Shopping.

I am an international student studying in Japan. Now, I wish to purchase some books from Amazon in Japan. However, I don’t know how to purchase and where I can collect the books after purchase.

Thanks in advance.


Tjitze de Boer

Thanks this really helped.

The “Ship outside Japan” button isn’t available if you pick “One click”.
I tried it first and thanks to your article I thought of it to pick the other order button option.

Mark G

Thanks so much,

this was very helpful!!!!


Hey, bumped into your site trying to buy a gift from my friend. I try and enter my credit card info but it refuses to believe its an actual credit card number. I dont know if its because its Visa or what not but it wont let me use it. I could potentially try a master card but i would like to exaust all other options first. I checked and double check every time i input my information and its correct. any help would be apreciated


Hi, I followed your instructions to try to buy a headphone on and ship it to USA,but it said that “This item cannot be shipped to the address you selected.”
Can you please tell me why? Thanks!


keyblade – Some sellers only cater to the domestic Japanese market and do not provide overseas shipping. Do refer to this faq for more information :


Did anyone try this?


Hello, i’m having the same problem as raphael ( who posted the September 23rd, 2010 at 10:46 pm ).

In my case too, I keep getting messages to update my order done today.
Moreover, I want to cancel my amazon prime membership ( I’m still in trial period ), but I can’t because the “Important Message” which raphael talked about keeps me from being able to cancel it.
I don’t what to do.


Thanks for this website! I’m (sort of) glad to know that I’m not the only one getting unsolvable “update your payment method” messages from In my case, I tried to order 6 CDs. Payment for 2 of them cleared before I got the dreaded e-mail. I switched to my other credit card, which cleared a third CD for payment. Then I got the dreaded message yet again! Their payment processor is clearly screwed up, yet they refuse to admit it. I was on the phone with my credit card company in real-time, and they verified that no payments were being declined. If I keep trying this, hoping that 1 or 2 CDs will clear per order, the shipping costs are going to eat me alive.


Thanks for this guide, it really helped! I was worried I would have to use a proxy service for a relatively expensive item, so glad to know Amazon JP does ship internationally. 3,000 yen is pretty good in comparison.


Thank you very much for the guide… unfortunately for my wallet it will become much thinner. Just ordered two JoJo Sets (22 volumes) at $34USD shipping.


I read on amazon that you can only order CD’s and books. i was hoping to buy a cellphone on here. Am i still able to do so?


Jess – Yes I believe so. The seller may or may not ship overseas though – so you’ll have to arrange for a reshipping service if that is the case.


How much is the International shipping in USD?


Hello guyz
i did all this steps but it says This item cannot be shipped to the address you selected 🙁 i am very disappointed can you help me plz?


zainab – Please refer to this article :

Please note that some items like figures do not ship outside of Japan. Most items offered by Amazon Marketplace sellers also do not ship internationally, if they do, it will be stated on their profile page.


Hi, I was trying to order something out of Amazon Japan, and I couldn’t use my master card. When I entered every thing nothing showed up in the saved card section.


I was trying to order something and it told me they couldn’t ship it out :c


Hi dude —

Thanks for your invaluable advice! I just heard about Kaba 2 and came to your site to see it. Because of you I was able to order from, and I look forward to reading your many reviews. Gorgeous work here, and you’ve done a great deal! If you love all these various artists, you probably know Jeff Jones, but he’s always astonishing. At any rate, MANY thanks!


I dont know how valuable that tip is when its nearly impossible to ship at the end. Products in basket, delivery address in the EU… dont work… they dont ship there in 95% of the cases.


Thanks a lot! Bought a book 30USD cheaper and (shipping and taxes included) and it will arrive y 4 to 5 days to where i live in chile… japan customer servive is awesome 🙂



I would like to sign up on I live in the US, but would like to send things to my girlfriend who will be living in Japan for a year. How do I properly fill out her shipping address on the website? I keep getting red warnings when I attempt to fill out Address 1 and Address 2.

I managed to send her a package via post recently, but for some reason the knowledge I obtained in that process doesn’t seem to translate to the website.

Any assistance you could lend would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


Very useful information, I’m going to start to buy more from amazon japan and this was the perfect guide.
Thanks so much, and congratulations for the big work with this site and your reviews!


Hi, have you tried tenso Japan or forwarding? Aside from, what the other recommended forwarding service overseas? Thanks to this article


This was incredibly helpful, thank you!


Stupid question but…
Obviously prices are very different and not in dollar currency.
So, paying with a U.S credit card, how would that work? Would my card be be charged the equivalent dollar amount for the yen amount listed on amazon?


Mariana – That is correct. Your card will be charged in US dollars equivalent to the amount in Japanese yen. The exchange rate is determined by the credit card company, I believe.


Can I buy JAV and then ship to Malaysia? It says cannot be shipped to overseas…


Chino – Yes, this is not specific to Malaysia, many AV products cannot be shipped outside of Japan. You will have to use a reshipping service. Please refer to my faq for more details.


It looks like Amazon Japan has changed the registration page. There is now a field for “Name Pronunciation” which must be filled-in. If you leave it blank, the page re-displays with the following error message:

“There was a problem with your request

Invalid Furigana of name. Please make sure your name pronunciation does not begin with a space and try again.”

Do you know of some website that generates furigana versions of English names?



Edward – Thanks for the heads up on this, I’ll have to take a look but off the top of my head google translate should be able to generate something that will allow you to complete the registration, though not necessary the most accurate.


Thanks for the tutorial. I am trying to get ahold of some Japanese DvD’s of American tv series because my wife does not speak english. I am hoping to watch game of thrones with her, but these days adding subtitles to downloaded movies is getting very difficult. I may just have to order the movies from amazon.


I’m getting an error when attempting to purchase this item, do you happen to know why this item can’t be shipped to me? I attempted to look at the product page as directed, but couldn’t see anything in particular as to shipping restrictions.

There was a problem with some of the items in your order (see below for more information):
ハンドリンカー阪神タイガースVer  カラビナネックストラップ (虎柄)

Sorry, this item can’t be shipped to your selected address. Learn more. You may either change the shipping address or delete the item from your order.

Thanks for any info.


Rudmin – The item you are trying to purchase is supplied to Amazon by a third party vendor and unfortunately they don’t ship outside of Japan. You’re not doing any wrong, they just don’t ship internationally. Sorry !


I don’t know what to do it won’t accept my credit card for some reason I have used the same one on another purchase and it worked but that was months ago it is not working now I keep getting mail saying that the they can’t get authorization or something


CHibi – I’m stating the obvious but do check the details of your card you entered to make sure it is correct. You can also write in/contact Amazon Japan directly, they will likely let you know why your card isn’t working.


Yonghow- everything is correct I sent an email to them just waiting for a reply to see if they can do anything


This was extremely helpful, thank you so much for writing this!
I just have a quick question if you don’t mind. I’m having a problem with the cvc number, I can’t find a box to input the number and I’ve been asked to revise my card details or change to another card.
I’ve emailed them about this and they said they can’t do anything about this and that I should call the bank. When I did they said I must enter the cvc number and that were was no way getting around this.

I tried checking if I could buy a jaapnese Amazon gift card but the prices are ridiculously high. Like I at least have to pay an extra $50 over the actual price of the card. And now I’m stuck and can’t think of any other solutions.

Oh I also tried 2 other bank cards but they weren’t accepted. I still have to enter the cvc number 🙁

I saw another reply with a similar issue but you replied to them privately I think and therefore I’m sorry for the redundant question!

Thanks so much again.


Aya – To the best of my understanding, and for all my purchases to date, I’ve not had to enter the cvc number. I do not believe it is necessary, and therefore no such field is present for your input.

All that is required are the name of the card holder, the card of type used, the actual credit card number and expiry date.

Unfortunately I cannot say as to why your cards weren’t accepted, but I’m fairly sure the cvc number ( or lackof ) isn’t the reason whey they’ve been rejected.


Does this apply to kindle too


Hello, I hope this is still active enough where I can get a response soon. I am trying to order a blu-ray collector’s set, and I am receiving the same issue as some of the others on here.

” card (expiration date: 2016/04) I will inform you that the authentication was not obtained of.

As one of the causes that authentication can not be obtained credit card, will be raised that the expiration date has not been entered correctly. Example: (06/11) is the expiration date in June 2011. ”

I have re-entered my card several times, I know all of the numbers are correct and my Exp. Date most CERTAINLY is correct.

Did anyone find a solution??


Follow up question, I AM using a debit card. Is that perhaps the problem? Will it only accept credit from overseas?


Hi I am using to get a Japanese shipping address. I ordered 3 items from and they all come from different sellers. I am wondering if will wait for all 3 packages to arrive and ship them to me all at the same time In one packaging w/c will be more economical than sending them all separate . Thank you!


Bepps – Hello, debit cards can be used on Amazon Japan too. As to why your card was not approved, I am sorry but I cannot provide a good answer – sometimes Amazon just refuses to accept some cards. The best way to find out is to write to Amazon Japan’s customer service ( they do read and reply English emails ).

Hope that helps !


Che – Hello there, I’ve not personally engaged tenso’s services before but it is likely they will consolidate the orders before shipping them out. Why not send them a mail to confirm this ? :]


Yonghow – Thanks for the response! Just to go on record: For some reason no matter how may times I edited my debit card info (mostly the Exp. Date, as it kept telling me it was incorrect), it would not take my visa debit. However, I used my boyfriend’s credit card instead and it DID in fact accept that.
So if anyone else has the same issue as me, just try a different card or use a credit card. As Yonghow told me, must be picky with some cards just not working. Good luck to all! I now await impatiently for my Lupin III package, lol.


Bepps – This information will be certainly be helpful to other readers. Thank you ! :]


I have the same problem with raphae, totally same.

The only difference is that the VISA credit card I use is applied in China.
raphae said :
i’m having problems ordering from amazon japan.

it asked for my:
-card number
-the card’s expiry date
-and the holder of the card

but in france, the french credit cards have a 3 digits number at the back of the card the holder uses as a security when ordering online.
Amazon japan doesn’t asked for this number. So i’m wondering if that’s the problem !!!
i keep getting a message to update my order…when i connect to amazon japan, this is the message i usually get:

Important Message
Before we can proceed with your order, your credit card’s issuing bank requires you to do one of the following:
* Update the expiration date on the credit card you entered.
* Choose an alternate credit card from your account.
* Enter a new credit card number.
Click Retry or edit credit card to continue.

PS: i called my bank and they said every thing is ok so the problem comes from amazon…

The problem is all the same!!

Four years has passed, and the Amazon Japan cannot solve the problem.


I’m trying to buy an item from amazon japan but I got a message that says it can’t be shipped to the selected address. It’s not an 18+ item and according to the comments it should be fine as long as it’s not from a 3rd party seller so something from Nintendo or Sony should be fine? Do you happen to know what seems to be the problem?


BLADEVII – Unfortunately it is entirely up to Amazon Japan & 3rd party vendors to decide what items they see fit for overseas shipping, so there might not be anything wrong. If you’re comfortable with sending me the product link page via my contact page I can take a closer look.


Thanks a lot for the detailed walkthrough yonghow, really appreciate it!

I am struggling with part of my order and thought I would ask if you have had any experience with this problem. I am trying to order some books, and in my country (UK) there are no import taxes paid on books, but whenever I try to purchase a book from,jp it adds extra fees for imports, this is driving me crazy. What is more, some books incur this charge whilst other books do not! And these are all from within the same comics/artbooks section!

Thank you again for the great blog and reviews!


Minko – Unfortunately I’ve not come across this issue before – you can try writing to Amazon Japan’s customer service ( they do reply in English ) and enquire about the extra fees you’re incurring. I’m terribly sorry I cannot be of any useful assistance !


BLADEVII – If you look under “product details” on the item page, it is stated that the item cannot be shipped outside of Japan. As this a decision/restriction decided by Amazon Japan, I am afraid I cannot be of any assistance. :[ You can try using a re-shipping service if you are very keen on getting this item.


I see, thanks for the help.


Hello my question is about billing. I recently ordered cds from sellers that have the option (fulfilled by and everything went fine but I’m kind of confused on the type of shipping. I ordered from directly before and it gave me the option “amazon global overseas delivery” I paid everything at final order so I didn’t have to worry about extra cost. However for this recent order I’m only given the option “overseas delivery”. Now I understand that I would have to pay tariff as well as taxes and custom fees my question is when do I pay for this? Is it included during check out or is it a different bill and if so does that mean I pay after I received my order or before?
Thank you in advance for answering.


So, apparently none of the Pokémon items can be delivered outside of Japan. I’ve tried with differeunt sellers and none of them have international shipping available. Has anybody bought any Pokémon items recently?


Jessie – To the best of my understanding, items fulfilled by Amazon are not subject to custom fees – you pay only what is reflected on the final checkout page. All payment must be made before the shipping process starts. If you are buying from a marketplace seller, you might want to clarify with them the specific shipping method they are using.


I just wanted to know if I can use gift cards on Amazon Japan


Sam – Yes you can, but only if they are gift cards purchased from Amazon Japan. The method of purchase is very similar to


Hello! Thank you so much for this tutorial. Just wondering, if an item is listed with a specific price + shipping (usually it says “shipping to Kanto” or something like that), does this cost apply to international as well since I have to pay more expensive shipping altogether? For example, if an item is listed as “¥2000 + ¥500 (shipping to Kanto),” will I have to pay the full ¥2500 plus international shipping, or just ¥2000 plus international?


Tay – “Shipping to Kanto” will only apply if you are shipping the item within Japan. If it is international, it will be just the item price ( 2000 yen ) plus the international shipping charges. Hope that helps !


Okay, thank you! Also, how can you distinguish if an item is sold by Amazon, or just by the marketplace? I would rather buy straight from Amazon but marketplace results keep showing up.


Tay – Usually if an item is available just on the Marketplace, the big yellow button on screen right won’t show “Add To Cart”, instead it will show “View All Buying Options”.

In other words, if the button shows “Add To Cart”, it means the item is in stock on, and Amazon will always display their stock availability before recommending Marketplace sellers.


Hi, i’m trying to order from amazon japan and when i got to the end it said the seller will contact you for payment, they have but it does not give me a credit card option only atm online banking, cashpoint etc, where have i gone wrong please?


kerri – If you can point me to the specific product page you purchased it from, I can help you take a look. :]


So I’m located in the U.S. and can’t find anything that the sellers will ship to me. Every time I add a item to my cart and try to check out, it says they don’t offer international shipping. Is there someway to tell if they offer it before I add it to the cart?


joshua – Often, (but not always) it will be indicated under the “product details” section if an item cannot be shipped outside of Japan.


Hi! I’m so delighted when I saw that you’re still answering replies even if the post is years old!

I’m just confused about something. It says on their shipping rates help page that the shipping charge is sum of ‘per shipment’ and ‘per item’ rates. But what counts as an item? What if it’s a set of books like this:キノの旅–Beautiful-World–1-17巻セット-電撃文庫/dp/B00G31CAFI/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1429937477&sr=8-5&keywords=キノの旅

Is that 17 items or 1 item? Thanks!


Vanilla – This counts as 1 item because it is designated as a set. Another way to check is to add the item to your cart. The numerical value indicates the number of items you have. Hope that helps !


Thanks for your information. But I have a problem about dealing with the custom and taxes. If I would like to buy Kindle Paperwhite, how do I deal with them?


Carter – What exactly is the nature of your problem ?


Hi there,
First of all I’d like to thank you for this awesome tutorial but I was wondering if you can help me out in understand what does it means “Import Fees Deposit” as you can see in this link (there’s the photo attached). Thank you, Miriam


I have a question, I want to get a book off of and have it shipped to the usa, the seller says they ship internationally.
What I am wondering is if I can get a prepaid reloadable mastercard from the store and buy it that way?

Reason why I am asking is because I don’t like using credit cards online when dealing with individual sellers, so I usually use gift cards For that kind of thing.
Please get back to me soon.


Hello I have a question.
There is a book on to Buy and have shipped to the usa, the seller ships internationally.
What I’m wondering is, can I use a prepaid or reloadable mastercard giftcard to buy it from there?

If not, are there any other gift cards I can use?

Elaine Chee

Hi I would like to ask about the shipping address.The website say that the item cannot be shipped to the address?Can I know what is the problem?


I want to buy something from (Italy)

I try to complete the check out, but the item is restricted and said it cannot be shipped to USA. Any advise?


What if we don’t have a credit card???? Is there a way to order things, or we just can’t order at all without credit card? In Japan. Pls reply.


If you’re in Japan and have a Japanese bank account you can pay by netbanking ( direct debit via your bank account ), or using the Amazon payment number head down to some of the convenience store like Lawsons to pay for it.


Since you pay with a card, does that your country’s currency will be transferred as yen? Or do you need to put yen on your card beforehand?


Danielle – Your card will be charged in the currency of the country it was issued. There is no need for any Yen balance.


Hi! Thanks for the guide, it was really helpful.

Regarding the shipping cost, why is it that certain listings overcharge for shipping?
I wanted to order this pack of 6 keychains (which are obviously pretty light) and the shipping cost shown was 4,100 yen!! Is it because it’s a preorder? I can’t find any way to contact the seller and ask either..


Celine – I don’t believe it’s because of the pre-order status. If you have the item page I’ll see if I can find the contact information.


This is the link –

I found another seller (as this one’s price suddenly increased) –
– but their shipping is 2,000 yen as well. Perhaps it’s because it’s not shipped by Amazon?


i just placed an order with a debit card i had. i have 2 questions:
1) will it be accepted?
2) the site did not ask me for any type of password. is this normal?


vaibhav – 1) Debit cards are accepted on Amazon Japan. 2) You only need to enter your password when you log into your amazon account.


Can I use cards purchased in the US to buy things on .jp? Ive read around and cant find a solid answer.


Jyushimatsu – I mentioned this in my faq here –

and sadly, gift cards can only be used in the respective countries they are purchased from.


I am unable to place any orders from I live in the United States and ot will not allow me to order anything to ship to my home. Am i doing something wrong? Can I only buy Amazon items or can I also buy from 3rd party vendors?


All the items i try to ship says:
Sorry, this item can’t be shipped to your selected address. Learn more. You may either change the shipping address or delete the item from your order.

Can i actually ship anything from japan ?

Martin WH

Hi. I would like to buy a computer keyboard (PFU HHKB Pro 2) for my little brother, who is currently living in South Korea. I have created an account on, but when I enter the ZIP code (he gave me his address, the zip code is 367-802) I get the error: “Please enter a valid ZIP or Postal Code”.

Any suggestions what I can do to solve this issue?


Martin WH – Unfortunately I am unfamiliar with the zipcodes in South Korea. If it is for Japan, the zipcode seems to be missing a number as Japanese zip codes go by the format xxx-xxxx.


I want to buy kindle books but I get the message that they are not delivered to Europe.I currently live in Spain.ç
I like reading in japanese and would like to order some kindle books. Is there something that can be done?


Hi just a quick question. I’ve followed these steps and I just want to make sure if my payment will go through because I’m from Malaysia and I read the FAQ on that they accept overseas currencies but I don’t see MYR/RM listed there. Do you think my payment will go through? I’ve pre-ordered something so I probably won’t know if my payment is sent until the item is released..


Hello Friend! All bme ?

I live in the US and wanted to buy some dolls in Japan and I have a doubt .

The value of this My doll around $ 250 , gosaria whether I pay tax so that mecadoria arrive in the US? It goes through a local clearing process sugeito taxation tax?

Or she comes straight to my residence ?



I recently heard that Amazon Japan is now shipping games. I wanted to buy a 18+ Visual novel game called –
“Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa nai”

I wanted to know if Amazon Japan can ship this to the U.S or not without the use of a proxy like tenso. I heard that 18+ games can’t be shipped like that, but all age ones can.

Thanks, I appreciate the help.

David Alt.

I’m trying to buy classical CDs, but every seller seems to only offer “Domestic shipping”. Am I correct that will only be useful for buying from amazon itself.. and why do no private seller seem to want to sell to USA?


Hey there,
So I’ve been trying to figure out how to buy Samura Hiroaki’s “The Love of the Brute” and um, yeah. Not going too well. I have the account and it’s accepted all of my payment information, however, it keeps telling me
“Some of the items in your order cannot be shipped to the selected address. Due to ‘Adult content’ and ‘Religious restrictions’. ” So it won’t ship to my address. Is there any way to resolve this problem. I live in the United States, I’ve even tried other addresses (my family) to see if it could ship there and they could mail it to be, but no luck there either.
Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated.



Hey, I recently found out adult content items are not allowed to be shipped from Amazon Japan.

Sadly this is the case, so I’m assuming that your trying to import a book or something?

Have you tried looking on Amazon USA at all? Sometimes sellers from Japan sell the same items as Amazon Japan, but sometimes (most likely) the price is jacked up to a considerable ammount.

I hope this helps and you find what your looking for.

Good luck



Make sure Amazon Japan is selling the Cd’s you looking to buy, not a third party seller.

It’ll say who is selling them, look at the “New (ammount) from (Price)” ex:”New (12) from 18.95″ tab or “see more buying options” tab.

And Japanese sellers probably don’t want to have to deal with shipping outside of their country.

It might be more expensive for them to ship to the U.S. So I’d imagine they’d raise the price of the item so that you’d be paying for the shipping costs.

Some Japanese third party vendors ship to the U.S, you just have to look or ask them If they’d be willing to.

Good luck


Yeah I think Yonghow is not going to post and help us out anymore. (Its been like 4 months since his last Comment)

I suppose he answered all the general questions that could be asked. Just look over all the comments to see if your question has been answered yet or has any simular problems that you might have.

He is still active, but not on this page.

Thanks for being so cool and helping us get awesome stuff from Amazon Japan!


I do apologize for the long absence. As you mentioned I do hope most of the questions are already answered in my post but I do try to reply to questions that are not covered, whenever possible. Thank you for the visiting Halcyon Realms !


Dex – Yes, it should work fine.


Is it possible to buy MP3s from when outside of Japan with a U.S. credit card & account? It gives me the error, “We were unable to process your purchase with your current payment information. Please enter a valid payment method and an address which are both local.”


I found a method using Japanese gift card + VyprVPN & connecting to Japanese server before purchase. Also cleared web browser history beforehand if that helped and had to remove a U.S. address from the Amazon account, and add a fake Japanese address.


Matthew – sorry I couldn’t be of any help, and thanks for adding the useful information here !


Do Amazon credit cards (Not gift cards) work on the Japanese Amazon?


Jake – As a mean of payment, yes I think so. ( I am not sure if any additional perks gained by using the Amazon credit card [if any] at will be the same on Amazon Japan ).


I signed up for amazonjp no issues, and I entered in my discover card, no issues. My address also qualifies just fine. The problem that I am running into is every single time I attempt a purchase it takes me to verify my payment method and instead of showing the card info that I have already entered in, it’s asking me to do it again. I reenter the info, and instead of allowing me to click it, nothing happens. The card doesn’t show up, it just keeps telling me to enter in a payment method. There isn’t any red popups or errors or anything. I’m stuck! [I also made sure that the cds I want to buy ship internationally.] Help?


rach – I’m sorry to hear this, but I’ve not encountered this issue before. Just to be sure that the issue is not with the specific credit card you used, if it’s possible at all to try adding a different credit card and try purchasing with it ? ( you don’t have to commit at the end ).


I’m sorry for resurrecting this thread, but I’m kinda desperate here haha

Italian folk speaking o/

Any other way of getting itens not available in the Amazon actual Store anymore (such as the books I’m trying really hard to buy), like those titles that pretty much even have only “Used” as possible options and such (those that can’t really be shipped outside Japan at all)?

I’m trying to buy all of the Umineko books from the 3rd Episode and above (and mybe the Higurashi books too, later on). For example, this one item:

I would buy from any other trustworthy site if possible, I’m just frustrated after trying our every single possible buying option at this point…


Daniel – For items that cannot be shipped outside of Japan, you will have to use a re-shipping service like tenso ( ). I have not personally used their services before so I cannot vouch for the quality, but it should be able to help you with items you want to get ( and aren’t shipping outside of Japan ). Hope that helps !


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