20 Posters – Otomo Katsuhiro Posters Collection Review

Posted By yonghow on October 14th, 2017

20 Posters - Otomo Katsuhiro Posters Collection Review

20 Posters – Reprints Of Classic Posters is a collection of high quality posters from the animated films of Akira director Otomo Katsuhiro. Handpicked by the director himself, this collection ( a total of 20 posters ) is to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Akira.

A full list of the posters included can be found on this older post; or you can just check out the images below.

20 Posters - Otomo Katsuhiro Posters Collection Review

(image above) For size comparison of the poster envelope I’ve included the recent Tribute to Otomo art book, which itself is a pretty decent sized book. (below) The back cover is a snapshot look of all the 20 posters.

20 Posters - Otomo Katsuhiro Posters Collection Review
20 Posters - Otomo Katsuhiro Posters Collection Review
20 Posters - Otomo Katsuhiro Posters Collection Review

(above right) An thumbnail sheet of the posters is included which provides additional background information on each piece. This is the Japanese edition so the text is in Japanese; I expect it will be in English for the international edition.

20 Posters - Otomo Katsuhiro Posters Collection Review
20 Posters - Otomo Katsuhiro Posters Collection Review
20 Posters - Otomo Katsuhiro Posters Collection Review

Quality wise there’s really nothing to complain about, the images on the prints are crisp and sharp, and colors vibrant; some select posters ( like the Domu one above ) are printed on slightly thicker, matte quality paper which feels great.

20 Posters - Otomo Katsuhiro Posters Collection Review
20 Posters - Otomo Katsuhiro Posters Collection Review
20 Posters - Otomo Katsuhiro Posters Collection Review
20 Posters - Otomo Katsuhiro Posters Collection Review

(above & below) The 2 B1 sized posters, absolutely huge ! These will look phenomenal when mounted on the wall.

20 Posters - Otomo Katsuhiro Posters Collection Review

This poster collection is an absolute treat for Otomo fans, and I give it my highest recommendations. I actually purchased 2 copies myself, 1 which I will store in pristine condition and the other one to decorate my walls.

The Japanese edition was released on September 22th, and the International edition on October 27th.

I also highly recommend the Posters art book, one of the best Otomo art books available.

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8 Responses to “20 Posters – Otomo Katsuhiro Posters Collection Review”


What a gem!

March Castle

I have this. I think the images chosen for the larger posters are poor choices – particularly the man in goggles (last image in this article) My opinion though … Wish I had 1% of his ability.


In the end, I ended up with two as well! One I’m keeping sealed, and the other I feel like I can actually hang some of these since I have one “in reserve.”

(Collectors are all sick in the head, aren’t we?)

My favorite is the Domu poster…love the white negative space and the clean lines of the apartment building cube.

Also really love the US Marvel Comics Tetsuo, the Yokohama Paradise theater poster, and the Steamboy DVD release poster, cause I actually had that one back in 2005. I pulled it right off the hooks on a train in Tokyo. I knew I shouldn’t have done it but I couldn’t resist! And sadly, it was lost during a move. Now I have a replacement though!

If you had to choose the best ones, what are your picks?


Not really into posters but i’m a sucker for anything with Otomo’s name on it
I especially like that farewell to weapons poster
I still keep praying for a new Otomo manga or art book


It’s been years of struggling, ..but I’ve been thinking recently that figures like Otomo are in same shoulders w/ the guys who are into derivative forms of expression-Arts, like Marilyn Mason or Maximum the Hormone, and many of the Underground Movements (like Cyberpunks). I personally think it’s kinda neat since that just provides new forms of challenge to current norms of belief/institution that’s thought to be most logical-sensical, imho.

These days I can’t help think about how much of stress it would have been just to come up w/ those types of ideas & actually put it into printable & *sell-able images; but regarding O. Katsuhiro’s own background I guess he did go further steps than just being “sick in the head”, just to borrow a quote from Josh lol. What an wonder he is, always.

deepanshu titiyal

i am going to buy one of this. This is just awesome 🙂


Mfon: I was about to make the same remark.
From 2012 all we had had is re-editions or re-compilations of already published works (OTOMO GENGA, Posters, …), not specially interesting for those already owning the original books (at least concerning myself).

2012 saw the promising announcement of a new serialized manga by Otomo, planned to be drawn without assistants.

Of course, Otomo hasn’t been totally unproductive during all this period (Short Peace omnibus, Illustrated essays, two short manga of 8 pages each, Brueghel’s Tower Of Babel, …), but not as much as we would like, We the inveterate egoistic amateurs 🙂


Distrakt – Definitely. :]

March Castle – Agreed. I would have preferred another design over the man in goggles, I’m just curious why Otomo decided to choose that one. 😛

Josh – I think buying 2 copies is a smart idea, no ? There’s great value in this posters.

I can’t believe you made off with that poster on the train in Tokyo ! When I was working at Sunrise there was an original Steamboy poster just behind my seat and no one cared about it, I should have…lol

I like the Domu poster as well, especially with the high quality, thick paper it was printed on. I’m also partial to the Akira poster with him seated on the throne with the flowing cape, and the Memories poster with the astronaut.

Mfon/ATOM – I have a feeling Otomo is just chilling these days and not really prepared to be involved in anything other than small projects, especially after receiving the Grand Prix d’Angoulême ( Lifetime achievement ) in France. I hope I’m proven wrong though. :]

Star – Indeed, Otomo and Akira’s influence on the visual arts scene, especially the sci-fi genre ( be it in films, comics or animation ) is undeniable. We’re certainly lucky to have him.

deepanshu – You’re in for a treat !