Slam Dunk – 10 Days After

Posted By yonghow on January 19th, 2009

“Slam Dunk – 10 Days After” was a unique manga project undertaken by Inoue Takehiko ( Slam Dunk, Vagabond ) in late 2004 as a token of appreciation and thanks to Slam Dunk readers. The ever popular comic had achieved a monumental feat of sales totally more than a hundred million copies – that’s a lot of Slam Dunk comics.

Choice of medium – Chalk on blackboard.

(above ) “Ten days after -” An austere portable blackboard transformed into a giant manga panel awaits visitors to the exhibition. Slam Dunk fans will recall at the end of book 31 after the triumphant match against Sanno that the various team members of Shohoku went on their own separate ways – this is well, the continuation of their stories ten days after.

Those who have had the experience of painting large scale murals will understand the challenges of upscaling; facial features are especially tricky because you are working on a much bigger scale and one’s sense of porportion is easily skewed. With this in mind Inoue-san spent only a total of four days to complete 23 panels – perhaps this was just a warm up session for his Last Manga Exhibition.

(above ) Inoue-san at work. The exhibition venue was an old and idyllic high school campus located in Kanagawa Prefecture – each blackboard represented a page worth of manga and visitors had to work their way through quite a few classrooms.

(below) A classroom stocked up with Slam Dunk comics for those who need a quick recap on the story.

I must have been too caught up with my Japanese language studies back in 2004 to know of this exhibition, or I would have visited it for sure – which Slam Dunk fan won’t ?

(below) The pictures in this post were taken from the 2005 Febuary issue of SWITCH ( a popular Japanese lifestyle magazine. ) that ran an in depth article on the exhibition and Inoue-san.

(above) A making of dvd on the exhibition is also available, containing an insightful documentary ( with english and Japanese subtitles ) that charts the exhibition’s progress from preproduction to end, and best of all, all 23 panels of the exhibition comic that you can view in leisure on your television.

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15 Responses to “Slam Dunk – 10 Days After”


loved slam dunk. one of my all time favourite manga. i read somewhere back then in the 90s, basketball wasn’t a popular sport in japan. the only place where one can find a proper basketball court is in school. the runaway success of slam dunk brought new attention to the sport.

The Sojourner

Probably the most special manga to me.


gordon – Its true I think, I’ve not seen a public basketball court in all my 4 years here, you have to go to either a sports complex or a school, and baseball is definitely more popular here.

The Sojourner – I think many people share your sentiment ! :]


Slam dunk too had a special place in my heart and so does many anime of that era. Anyway ^^ time for me to grab both switch and 10 days after. Looks really great.


i love the whole idea of it. i don’t think that could be a better installation that suited the manga. really glad i managed to get a copy of that dvd, had subs too! bought the switch mag as well ;^p i really wanted to get my hands on the mini chalkboard slides set though, was sold out on his site. can u still find them? ;o)


john – Wow, you are a big fan ! I haven’t seen the slides that you mentioned, but I’ll be sure to let you know if I ever do. :]


i love slam dunk,is my favourite manga.I come to begin play basket for slam dunk. thank you TAKEHIKO INOUE for create this serie. Excuse me for my bad english, Y from argentina.


SlamDunk is the best Manga ever. im from indonesia, lots of indonesians play basketball bcos of “SlamDunk”.. Especially kids at school.. I’ve read the whole manga for 13 times now..
i shed tears the first time i knew tht volume 31 was the last of slam dunk.. I cant wait to see the sequels..
i bet it’d be a BOM when its released..


maira – Not at all, thanks for visiting !

Jehuty – Its true, many of my friends all cite Slam Dunk as the reason why they picked up basketball – the power of manga !


I remember back in form 5 (equivalent to the japanese final year 3), i teased a bespectacled pudgy classmate of mine to play basketball and not just fantasize about them. He loaned me the first issue of Slam Dunk and ever since i was a fan!

For 1 month, i stopped football and tried my hands on some basketball in the hope of discovering some ‘genius quality’ Ala Sakuragi – which failed miserably (there is only one Sakuragi!). Just like Jehuty, i cried when i finished and i remember thinking to myself, “why can’t this be real”!

Inoue Takehiko did a fantastic job with the comic and i will definitely get a copy.


Nb – the last 20 pages of the volume was personally the most daunting comic reading experience! It was a mixture of wanting to know whats next and not wanting it to end all together!


man, this is porbably the only manga i like aside from takehiko inoue’s vagabond. i really hope he writes the continuation after volume 31 and 10 days after. cant believe it just ends with sakuragi being in a sporting rehab facility.


good post thanks..


I really love Slam Dunk the best basketball manga Whoa!!! I learned the rules of basketball when I watch it and I am encourage watching PBA and NBA….Kaede Rukawa is so cool and of course the genius basketball man Hanamitchi Sakuragi… nice shot!!!! sayonara!


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