Amazon Now Ships Free To Singapore/India For Orders Above $125

Posted By yonghow on June 6th, 2013

Now that’s AWESOME news. now ships FREE to Singapore & India for purchases above $125. No other catch here; no fine print you’ll have to scrutinize.

For someone who regularly purchases books and blu-rays from Amazon I’ll be making significantly savings. As an example, check out the screen cap below for a purchase of 4 books I’m planning to make :

For a purchase of $135.08 ( $187.29 with shipping cost ) I save $52.21 on shipping fees – an equivalent of a 27.9% discount applied.

Of course, I’m probably going to be buying more books and blu-rays than before and thus spend even more money, but I’m happier that way.

For more details on the deal and to start shopping, go here.


5 Responses to “Amazon Now Ships Free To Singapore/India For Orders Above $125”

The Anime Central

Hey we are at South America. Do you know when Amazon will do free shipping over here? Thanks!


Do you know if the same applies to USA shipping from Japan?


Unfortunately, at the time of writing this program is only for delivery to Singapore & India.

I hope Amazon will offer it for more countries soon though. :]


does this 125$ shipping applies to books also..

i have a list of books that I want to buy from amazon .. can i order them in bulk.. how much yen should i shop for to avail this facility.


Ankit – The 125 dollars free shipping deal is only available for purchases at this time. :]