Yoko Tanji

Posted By yonghow on July 3rd, 2007

I’ve been a big fan of renowned Japanese illustrator Yoko Tanji ever since I saw her work after arriving in Tokyo 3 years ago, so you can imagine how elated I was when she replied an email I wrote to her a few days back. ( considering she must receive fan mail by the hundreds everyday. )

Yoko Tanji

I had learned about her latest works while visiting the blog of her friend Enrico Casarosa, ( an amazing storyboard artist from Pixar with a penchant for Japan, who was super nice to add my blog link on his. ) prompting me to write to her while in a brazen, excited state of fanboy stupor.

In her reply she remarked that she had bought Freedom 1 dvd *Yay!* and had enjoyed watching it, which understandably made this fanboy very, very happy.

Be amazed by her beautiful illustrations at http://www.tanji.jp/

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Erik Westlund

I am enjoying the time spent at you blog very much. Thank you for the link to the beautiful work of this artist. She has a new fan.


Hello Erik and thank you for the kind words. I’m glad you like what I have posted.

Yoko Tanji’s works are simply fantastic aren’t they ? :]


Well, how does that compare to the feeling of seeing your name on the end credits of FREEDOM Ep.2?


Haha, somewhat different I guess. Still, its nice to know that our work is appreciated by such a distinguished artist.


hi man,

you have a wonderful blog with lot of interesting stuffs!
by the way, thanks for dropping my photo blog.


Hello Cancer, you have a lovely photoblog. I’ll visit again soon ! :]


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