Moebius 1938 ~ 2012

Posted By yonghow on March 11th, 2012

Goodbye, Moebius sir.

Your sublime art and the generation of extraordinary artists you have influenced – Otomo, Terada, Miyazaki, Kishiro and countless more will perpetuate your legacy for a long time to come.

(image above from 40 Days Dans Le Desert art book.)


2 Responses to “Moebius 1938 ~ 2012”


you were a man of ideas, and a man of vision. who knows what the world would have been like, had it not been for your ability to share those ideas with us.

the reach of your influence, sir, is unfathomable, and who knows what individual will see your work years, decades, generations from now and be influenced in one way or another; you are a MEME that cannot be deleted, a theory that can’t be proven wrong, and an idea that cannot be forgotten.

thank you for the drive and aspirations to have even half of that talent. i’m sure you’re in your own universe now, and i’m sure it’s beautiful.


Words alone can’t express how saddened I was to hear of his passing. The outpour from communities of other artists drawing their love and tribute of him was super touching and is a testament to how universally-loved he was by the art communities.