Fables : Covers By James Jean Art Book Review

Posted By yonghow on November 21st, 2010

Really, I must have been living under a (very big) rock all these years to have missed so amazing an artist as James Jean.  Never mind that he’s a mutiple Eisner Award winner, too.

Fables : Covers is an extensive and a veritable treasure trove of art work that he has done for the comic book.

On a somewhat subconscious level I think James Jean’s work appeal to me very much because there are hints of influence by Norman Rockwell and Mucha, ( these are strictly my own personal deductions ) the latter of whom is a great artistic hero of mine. I like how both artists use a delicate juxtaposition of mutiple images/subjects to weave an intricate layout that seem to inform a complex story in just a single piece of artwork.

(below) The book title and author are embossed on the beautifully printed hard cover.

Fables : Covers by James Jean art book details :

– Dimensions – 11.9 x 8.8 x 0.8 inches
– Hardcover with jacket, 208 pages
– Full Color

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10 Responses to “Fables : Covers By James Jean Art Book Review”


this book is amazing, as is the artist. all of his art books are worth having. i remember waiting for this book to come out and picking up my copy at my comic book store. it’s really just incredible work.


When james jean went to our school this book went out of stock! got mine weeks later, too bad I wasn’t able to get his autograph on this book, but this book is really worth it!


FABLES is my favorite artbook in my collection. James Jean is also my all-time favorite artist. I love how he also does all of the graphic design / layout concepts / typography. The print book KINDLING is also immaculate & I really want a copy of the ‘accordion’ book RIFT. James Jean is a true master of all mediums & I can’t even imagine what he’ll be creating 10-20 years from now…


Zack – Gonna take my time to pore through all the work in the book. :]

neshoi – OMG where do you study ???? Did you meet him in person ? Hahaha.

FAUNA – In 20 years time, he’ll be a legend.


i missed a chance to go to a workshop he was doing a little while back, but i’d really like to try to make it out to another one if he does it again. the last one i saw was in New York, and that’s a little bit of a drive for me, but i’d love to make it anyway.


Have you heard about james jean’s new artbook ‘Paralllel Lives’


Ronny – Just did a google search after seeing your comment – its beautiful ! But I’m not sure if it will be getting a wider release ?



holy cripes its sold out. That’s crazy.


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