Totoro Forest Project Artbook

Posted By yonghow on November 15th, 2008

This beautiful book came together with Enrico’s Venice Chronicles ( thanks again Enrico !  )and the artwork inside are just so astounding I had to share it with everyone. Enjoy ! ( Read this older post to find out more about the Totoro Forest Project. )

I apologize for the rather sloppy pictures but I couldn’t bear opening up the precious book too wide for fear of damaging the delicate spine.

(above) A painstakingly detailed piece by Katsuya Terada.

(Below) Jackson Sze, a fellow Singaporean who contributed a piece to the Totoro Forest Project.

(above) A thank you message from Miyazaki Hayao for everyone who worked on the Totoro Forest Project.

This artbook is sold out but keep an eye on the Totoro Forest Project blog, they just might have a couple copies for sale at certain special events. You can also see all, if not most of the artwork in this book on the Totoro Forest Project website’s gallery.


10 Responses to “Totoro Forest Project Artbook”


Am amazing set of artworks aren’t they. I cannot imagine how much time I have spent on the totoro forest project site going through them. Cannot wait for my copy to arrive…


I seriously hope Amazon will have stock for these.


Nat – My are you in for a treat ! :]

Parka – Much agreed ! Such great work should be appreciated by as many as possible.

bien sur works

i love this book!!


Hello again Yonghow! I was looking to buy this book, but I was hoping to find it in bookstores in Japan. Do you know where I can find it in Tokyo?

I’ve sent you a message on facebook. Did you saw it?


Hello ShigueS ! I don’t think this book is available for sale in Tokyo…not yet at least. You might want to check the Totoro Forest Project blog…they should have an update if the books are available for sale somewhere. Yes I just saw your message on facebook…I’ll reply soon!


Oh, So I guess I will have to order it via internet. I want to take a look before buying, but maybe theres no necessity in this case. Thank you!


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