The Art of Evangelion : 2.0 You Can(not) Advance – The Complete Records Art book Boxset

Posted By yonghow on January 9th, 2011

This double volume, monster sized art book is the biggest collection of Evangelion 2.0 art work out there. Running at close to 800 pages, it’s an impressive collection of art work, but don’t expect it to come cheap; read on for more details.

The art book boxset comes in two volumes, the first “film story”, ( 362 pages, pictures above) is basically the entire film reproduced on sequential still frames, complete with the Japanese screenplay that comes as captions printed below each frame. ( its kinda small to make out but if you scrutinize the images above you should be able to see it.)

Now the second volume ( 436 pages ) is where the real juice is, packed with character sheets, concept artwork, mecha and weapons, background art, interviews, the works.

(below) Art work for marketing and promotional materials are also included, like the theatrical release cinema ticket, flyers and EV Kubrick key chains.

(Above) The first print limited edition also comes with the 2 volume storyboard books and a 35mm film strip. This is pretty much out of print and hard to come by, unless you’re lucky.* ( see purchasing details near the end of the post )

(above) 2 different sets of beautiful pull-out posters of Asuka and Mari, illustrated by concept artist Yoshiyuki Sadamoto – be sure to check out his illustration art book “Carmine”.

(above) The package comes in a outer cardboard box, and the 2 volumes are housed in a sturdy, matte black cardboard slipcase.

Now for the ouch part. The retail price for the book is 12600 yen ( 150 USD ), but the book has been out of print for some time. Now you can still get a copy from Amazon Japan marketplace sellers, but they usually start around 25000 yen (300 USD ) or more for a brand new set, and 20000 yen for a used copy. *Some of the sellers do include the first print storyboard books and 35 film strip as a bonus, look out for the Japanese characters  (初版初回限定特典付き) in the item description.

Also, Amazon Japan marketplace sellers do not ship outside of Japan, so you’ll have to arrange for a redirect service to ship it to you, like Check out their site for more details. Good luck with the hunt, and leave me a comment if you have any questions.

Evangelion : 2.0 You Can(not) Advance – Complete Records Art book Boxset details :

– Dimensions – 14.2 x 10.2 x 4.5 inches
– Comes in 2 volumes : Vol 1 362 pages, Vol 2 436 pages
– Hardcover with cardboard slip case and outer cardboard box
– Full color with some B&W, in Japanese
– Comes with 4 foldout posters

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11 Responses to “The Art of Evangelion : 2.0 You Can(not) Advance – The Complete Records Art book Boxset”

A-run Chey

I strongly believe that Satelight’s work on Macross Zero and particularly Hellsing Ultimate, really opened the eyes of fans and the industry, to the potential of utilizing current cutting edge animation techniques, to breath new life into both older and recent anime series. I commend Anno-san for having the drive and initiative to start a new studio venture with Khara, which in turn helped make these new Evangleion films a reality. I do wonder to this day, why Gainax never got involved with the project.

This LTD art book box set for the 2nd film, is simply to die for. The packaging is absolutely exquisite. The simplicity in the design reminds me of one my original first pressing Range Murata art books.


That’s quite the collection! There’s no denying that Evangelion has stunning artwork. I should really get around to seeing the new movies.


Do you think this purchase is worth it for the casual Eva fan?
It’s alot of money to put down and I skipped on the first one too.
Are there alot of animation stills? I’m not too keen on those.

Thanks, man~


Whoa, So much money for two very nicely design books. It might be worth it if you’re an Eva fan or a fan of collecting stuff like this =D.

Jon Woodard

so many amazing books on here…i’ve noticed all the amazon links to buy the books are in japanese…is there a site in english you can order these from?


A-run Chey – When I was working on Freedom in Sunrise, Satelight did some outsource work for us and we were really impressed with their quality of work. They’re definitely a studio to look out for in the future. :]

Hina – Highly recommended !

Jenn / Tom – Its a lot of money alright…I would probably say get it only if you are an absolute fan !

Jon – Hey there, the books are only available from Amazon Japan, but if you read my step by step purchase guide ( the big white and orange banner )located just below each purchase link, you should have a problem with ordering ! Let me know how it goes. :]

evangelion newbie

I just discovered this blog! Just happened to type in google search ‘art of evangelion 2’ and, there you go! As I clicked on this blog and saw the images for the artbook? I scrambled to my phone and called my closest japanese friend and sent them a link to find out if there are any more available!

AND…I was just recently told that it is official and my copy is on its way!!! And it is the first edition WITH the two storybook volume collection as well!! Of course…I had to bend over and fork over quite a hefty sum! But, I think this set will be absolutely worth every penny!

Thank you! THANK YOU!! For putting this review up and guiding me in my holy grail search for this book! I’m looking forward with absolute excitement and joy! I hope to come back and post my feelings after receiving my copy! 🙂


I tried to purchase this book from Amazon Japan, and it apparently doesn’t ship to anywhere outside of Japan! Is there a way to get around this so I can have a copy of this amazing book on my Canadian doorstep?


Nate – You can still purchase the item from Amazon, but you need to pay a little extra to use the reshipping service to send the item to you. Do check out their website for details.


:O That’s awesome! Thanks man!


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