Studio Ghibli – Brutus Magazine Special Part I

Posted By yonghow on July 24th, 2011

To mark the release of Studio Ghibli’s latest anime “Kokurikosaka Kara” ( From the Poppy Hill ), starting its run in Japan on the 17th of July 2011 and directed by Goro Miyazaki ( Hayao Miyazaki’s son ), Japanese live-style magazine Brutus has published a Ghibli Studio special volume. See also this older issue on manga artist Takehiko Inoue.

(above) Two very insightful graphical maps of Studio Ghibli, the one on top with interesting trivia on the exterior of the studio and the one below the interior. Perhaps with some free time on my hands in the future I can translate the pages into English for my readers here. I’m such a big fan of Ghibli’s work that I went searching for the studio in the 2nd week of my arrival in Tokyo some 7 years ago.

(above) Some interesting tidbits about Studio Ghibli – romance in the studio happens quite often and many employees got married this way; staff members take turns to prepare lunch for the studio on Saturdays ( the Soba that Miyazaki-san made during Ponyo was very popular, apparently ), and so on.

(above) Sneak peeks of the artwork and character designs for “Kokurikasaka Kara”, which began its domestic theatrical run on the 17th of July 2011. For most of us we’ll have to wait much longer before we can catch it. ( below ) Staff members working on the film, illustrated by the director Miyazaki Goro. He also did this lovely piece “What is layout in animation ?” some years back during the Ghibli Layout Exhibition.

(above) Interview with Otsuka Yasuo, a veteran character designer/animator who served as mentor to both Miyazaki-san and Takahata-san during the early days of their careers. (below) Otsuka-san’s character designs for the 1968 anime film “Taiyo no Ouji” ( Prince of the Sun ), directed by Takahata-san.

There’s quite a bit more to cover in the book so I’ve saved contents from the 2nd half for Part II, do stay tuned.

“Brutus Magazine Studio Ghibli Special” art book details :
Dimensions – 11 x 8.1 x 0.3 inches
Softcover, 82 pages
Full color / Black & White

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Incredible snippet. I want this book, translated.


thank you! this is great tomorrow I will buy the magazine..hihihh


very exciting! a friend of mine is picking this up for me. there is a great Japanese market right outside of Chicago that sells Brutus.


What a great Brutus issue! A must-have.
Every thing Studio Ghibli do blown me away. Thanks!


This is such a must-have and I love (as always) the illustrations.


Glad you guys enjoy the book ! :]

elena – You’re living in Japan now ? Lucky you ! :] Love your illustrations, btw.


yonghow-yes now I am in Japan for couple months ..and thank you :))..
I am a little disappointed I went to buy Brutus Ghibli’s edition and I couldn’t find it.well, instead I came back with The art of “From up on Poppy Hill” hihi


elena – I’m pretty sure the book is still on sale in bookstores, do look around. :] You should definitely catch “From Up on Poppy Hill” in the cinemas while you can !


true!I will definitely go to cinema and watch it