Range Murata’s Shangri-La

Posted By yonghow on April 14th, 2011

Was rummaging through a pile of my art books when I came upon these – promotional cardboard cut-outs of the lead character from the anime series Shangri-La, designed and illustrated by Range Murata. I must have picked them up a long time ago during one of those Anime Conventions in Tokyo.

Murata-san’s illustrations and renderings are extraordinary. ( although subject matter might be controversial sometimes. ) Just looking at these make me want to browse through all his art books again, starting with Prismtone.

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2 Responses to “Range Murata’s Shangri-La”

Rafael Pizzo

Certainly one of my favorites artists.

It may be that some of his themes can be a little controversial indeed, but I’m sure this helps quite a bit selling things around Japan. I should say that’s a “market study”.


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