Otomo Katsuhiro – 20 Posters Collection

Posted By yonghow on August 9th, 2017

Otomo Katsuhiro - 20 Posters Collection

To commemorate the 35th anniversary of Akira, the anime masterpiece by renowned director/manga artist Otomo Katsuhiro, Japanese art book Publisher PIE is releasing a collection of 20 high quality posters illustrated by the artist.

This is great news for Otomo fans, as his art work has never been released in such a big format, and they are perfect for putting up as wall art.

The posters are handpicked by Otomo himself, and the collection contains eighteen 20 × 14.2″ ( B3 – 508mm×359mm ) size color prints and two 40 × 28.1″ ( B1 – 1016mm×712mm ) size color prints in a specially designed envelope folder. The back of the folder shows all the interior images.

Otomo Katsuhiro - 20 Posters Collection

Listed below are the 20 posters in the collection. I’ve added descriptions and image links where available :

01) Video ”AKIRA” 国際映画祭参加版 ( Akira anime international release cover art )

02) CD ”AKIRA” オリジナルサウンドトラック ( art work for Akira soundtrack )

03) Comic ”AKIRA” 1巻 読者プレゼント * ( Akira Manga Vol 1 cover art )

04) Comic ”AKIRA” 4巻 読者プレゼント ( Akira Manga Vol 4 cover art )

05) Comic ”AKIRA” 5巻 読者プレゼント ( Akira Manga Vol 5 cover art )

06) Comic ”AKIRA” アメリカEpic comics社 ( Akira Manga US edition cover art )

07) Movie ”MEMORIES”

08) Movie ”MEMORIES”

09) Movie ”STEAMBOY”


11) Movie ”SHORT PEACE”

12) Comic ”Short Peace

13) LP ”童夢” イメージアルバム ( Domu cover art )

14) Book ”大友克洋第一畫集KABA” ( KABA 1 cover art )

15) Book ”武器よさらば” ( Farewell To Weapons )

16) Magazine ”YOUNG Magazine No.5-6”付録

17) Fire-ball ( One of Otomo’s early comic works )

18) アトレ吉祥寺 ( poster for Atre Kichijoji shopping mall, featured in Kaba 2 )

19) 与太浜パラダイス ( One of Otomo’s early comic works )

20) 東京スカパラダイスオーケストラ”ROCK MONSTER STRIKES BACK/EXTRA” * 

* Items number 3 and 20 are the two B1 sized posters.

The Japanese edition will be published on September 22th, and the US edition on October 27th. I’ve already pre-ordered my copy, and will post a review when it arrives.

I also highly recommend the Posters art book, one of the best Otomo art books available.

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