Makoto Shinkai – Taisei Corporation Commercials

Posted By yonghow on December 6th, 2013

Japanese construction/civil engineering company Taisei Corporation engages anime director Makoto Shinkai (5 Centimeters) to create some stunning imagery and animated visuals for their series of television commercials, featuring the company’s various construction projects in countries like Sri Lanka, Turkey & Doha. Check out the commercials below :

It’s always heartening to see anime being utilized in projects outside of its usual circle because it gives the medium a chance to engage audiences from a different demographic. I’m personally not a fan of Makoto-san’s narrative style (for the animated films he directed, not these commercials) but boy can this guy paint a beautiful background plate, and then some.

Folks intrigued/impressed by his visuals should definitely check out his collection of art work here and here.

Those who want some further background information regarding the commercials can visit Taisei’s official page here. ( in Japanese only )

Tip of the hat to alua for the heads up on these commercials.


4 Responses to “Makoto Shinkai – Taisei Corporation Commercials”


Sumptuous! I instantly wanted to know the full story behind each of the central characters in these commercials. Only Shinkai could pull that off. 🙂


Christopher – Glad you liked it. Some beautiful visuals in there alright. :]


*tip of the hat back*

Agree on the comment regarding Shinkai’s narrative style vs. the visual art he creates. Employing a scriptwriter would serve him well.


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