Lupin III : Italian Game Opening Sequence

Posted By yonghow on January 12th, 2016

Lupin III : Italian Game Opening Sequence

The opening sequence for the new Nihon TV anime series Lupin III : Italian Game, directed by famed animator Koji Morimoto ( Akira, Memories, The Animatrix ). Check it out below –

Lupin is as famous as any anime can get but I actually know very little about the films. I do so like the Japanese blu-ray cover art for the previous film The Woman Called Fujiko Mine

Lupin III : Italian Game Opening Sequence

For those who are new to Koji Morimoto’s works, I definitely recommend Memories, and his art book Orange.

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2 Responses to “Lupin III : Italian Game Opening Sequence”


I loved the design and artwork for Fujiko Mine so I feel conflicted. i have been reading your blog for years it is terrific.


The style of character design and movement seems lifted straight from Miyazaki’s Castle of Cagliostro.
Like 80’s style mixed with modern techniques. Very exciting to see this kind of energy in a modern anime. Wonder if the rest of the series will be as fun as this intro!
Very cool!